Thursday, December 9, 2010


Little Spanish Pinay has received the sacrament of baptism on December 5, 2010 at San Pedro Apóstol Church, Ferrol. The same church where hubby and her madrina were baptized.

The ceremony was held by the parish priest Father Juan, a very good friend of hubby's mom. It was held after the 1pm Sunday mass. It was a very nice and intimate ceremony. There were no other babies to be baptized but LSP so it was quite a private one. The people left in the church were familes and relatives who came to witness this important religious ceremony for our precious daughter.

Ceremony has just started

LSP was nice and quiet at the beginning of the ceremony but when the priest started to put his hand on LSP's head, she was frightened and started crying. No, she started squealing...and wiggling trying to escape from the perceived danger. I already imagined this will happen. She cried herself until the end of the ceremony. But in the midst of her cries, I felt warmth. I felt more blessed. I was quite moved when the priest started saying "Bless this mother...".  I am indeed a mother. And I so felt it all the more and with God's blessing, I felt strengthened. With hubby beside me, the padrinos (godfather and godmother), the family and relatives witnessing the ceremony, the rest of my family and friends who were there in spirit, and the man in front of us that represents God, I WILL be a good mother to LSP. We WILL be the parents that LSP needs that she may become a good child of God.

Let's call this an artistic shot, shall we?

After the ceremony we headed to have a simple lunch with the family. It was a nice opportunity to gather my husband's small family together. The lunch was quite nice. LSP slept in the car going to the place of the banquet. She slept while we were having some drinks and the whole time while appetizers were being served and woke up just before the first plate was served. She was more in the mood after sleeping for about an hour. It was nice to see each of the family members talking to each other. I felt a little pang, remembering my own family back in Manila. It would be wonderful to have them here. But then I know they are with us in spirit in this important and very symbolic celebration.

The small banquet

Another very good friend of mine was not able to come either as she was stuck in Barcelona due to the unexpected strike of the air traffic controllers. She was missed but like my family in Manila, she was there in spirit.

We didn't have many good photos of the ceremony, that's too bad but what's important is that the LSP has received the sacrament of baptism and we were able to share this wonderful celebration with the people closest to us.

Her small cake! It says Happy Baptismal Day!

I also made something for the guests to remember this day

To our dear LSP, welcome to the Christian world. May the water that has blessed you and washed you from original sin, continue to bless you forever. 

Proud catholic family

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  1. Beautiful celebration :) May she grow to be a very good Christian!


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