Friday, December 31, 2010

We're Hurt!

We are currently facing some obstacles with the lactation.  Little Spanish Pinay has bitten me while she was nursing a couple of days ago and has left La Boobie hurt and bruised.  It's really painful right now to nurse her on my left boob because of the small wound I got from the biting.  I am trying not to nurse her on the left boob as often, I can't stand the pain.  The result is that I get too much milk on the left boob that it hurts... I have to pump out milk from it so I can give it to her in a feeding bottle.  The problem is my little rascal doesn't want anything less than the boobie.  So, there are times that I can't hep but nurse her on the left boobie and suck up the pain.  I tried to use a nipple protector but since it is silicon, LSP played with it and bit! I think I my stomach went upside down with the pain.  So no, nipple protector is not an option.  

4 teeth are becoming 4 big challenges for me.  I fear that one day I will completely cede.  I really pray that La Boobie recovers soon.  It is true that she has stopped biting me these days.  She seemed to learn that mami is hurt with the action and it's not good.  But then the wound is still fresh and with her 2 new upper front teeth, the nipple kind of brushes off with the teeth while she nurse... and that's really uncomfortable! Plus since it is also bruised, the sucking motion is almost unbearable.  

I do hope we recover soon.... just imagining weaning her earlier than what I have planned pains me even more than LSP's biting.

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  1. hellow hellow.. how's the breastfeeding going? i hope ok na kayo =)


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