Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homemaker... Not

I have just realized I am not a good homemaker. Or I'm not a good multitasker mom and wife - you know, juggling between dough-earning work, work around the house and work that entails taking care of an infant. Or maybe I just need time till Little Spanish Pinay becomes older and lesser demanding and more independent. Or maybe I am not just a good homemaker. Period.

As I look around the house, that looks like a tornado has just passed through it, I can't help but just shake my head. How I admire working moms who can have all the time for everything and keep their houses spic and span. Really, I don't know how they do it but it's admirable and I hope I can kiss up to even just half of their level. To think, I work from home saving time from travelling to and from work and I have LSP's nanny who sometimes help me around the house whenever she can AND YET I still have a house that looks like it was turned upside down.
Ya know what I'd tell ya? It's LSP's fault! All her fault. That little-rascal-high-need-clingy-creature is such a handful. No, a handful is an understatement. She's a sackful. A sack of rice.

Just who can resist that pout?  I'd drop everything..

That doesn't change the fact that I am not a good homemaker, though. Sigh.Then again, there's something about the house that makes me feel at peace. LSP's toys are in every corner of the house. Some pieces of her clothes dangle in the sofa, some in the dining chair, others in her play pen. Unmade bed until 5pm or sometimes until the next day. Kitchen sink full of dirty dishes that can't seem to find their way to the dishwasher. Bathrooms not worth describing. Somehow these annoying disorder pleases me in an annoying way. ::Say, what??:: I'm not making any sense, am I? It's just that precisely these things tell me we have a baby at home. We're parents. Just as what we were praying for before. And she's healthy and beautiful inside and out. She's very special in so many ways. She's a high-need baby, constantly requiring that I pay attention to her.  When I'm holding her and my head is turned away from her? She'd scoop my head with one hand so I'd turn my head towards her and then she'd look me in the eyes with her equally big eyes and a sweet smile as if telling me to look at her and only her.   For that, I may have almost zero time for other things such as house chores and my priority right now is to satisfy her needs...attention, warmth, cuddles, food and what-have-you. As long as she is happy, the rest is secondary. Like a dirty hair.

when she´s happy, I´m happy

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