Sunday, September 11, 2011

Air travel with a toddler - stroller; with or without?

We're spending C H R I S T M A S in my beloved Philippines! -ber months has started and I feel like I am already running out of time to prepare.  And since we are going with a 19-month-old-by-then toddler, I am kind of anxious on how I will be able to handle this.  It'll be my first time to travel (looooonnnnggg) with a toddler.  I'm sure things will be alright but I just can't help but get obsessed with how things would go.  There's just soooo many things to think about and consider.  This is going to be LSP's looong flight.  We flew to Madrid once and she was just about 4 months by then and it wasn't bad at all.  It as just an hour flight though so I can't really compare it to what we are about to experience.

So I thought perhaps, to start with "preparing" myself for the long flight,  I'd write some tips I find while I read articles about the subject matter and then my thoughts and questions as well, so I can get some first-hand tips from my readers.

Our flight is going to be about 20 hours in total including airport waits.  What I have been contemplating a lot for now is whether we should bring a stroller for Little Spanish Pinay or not.  Since this is going to be across continents flight and we don't fly to Philippines quite often, I am pretty sure we'll be packed up to the limits.  So the thought of having an additional stroller to think about and stash, etc is kind of pushing me back about bringing one.  Plus, we'd have to buy (or maybe borrow) a different one than what she already has since the one she has now is not precisely light.  

Still the thought of having another carry on apart from 2 carry-on luggages, my personal bag and a diaper bag, is making think back and forth.

This is what she currently has and it's not really good for bringing in the airpot as it is everything but a light stroller.

LSP is going to be just 19months by then.  Obviously already walking.  She loves walking on her own.  So I am imagining she'd prefer to walk around on her own than being in the stroller during between flights waits - especially that everything is going to be something to discover for her.  If that will be the case, then perhaps a stroller will be just be an extra baggage for us.  Then again,  I start to imagine scenarios like what if we need to run from one gate to another or LSP gets tired - a stroller will be handy.  Plus we can also use the stroller to put our bags if LSP prefers to run around on her own.  But then, I can also just bring our baby carrier.  With it, I can run with her from one gate to another.  Plus since she wouldn't have her own seat in the airplane, being in the carrier,  she can sleep on me and I'll have my hands free to do something else like hold my hubby's hand (hee!) or read a book or play DS.

I am still so undecided!  Hubby's first inkling is not to bring one but he's not really the type of sweating it out by trying to imagine different scenarios especially complicated ones.  He's so positive about everything (even in life in general) that he doesn't really consider much whether it is best to bring a stroller or not.

So, my dear bloggers... any tips and thoughts and kind words? :-)


  1. Little Bit is 19 months right now. I have to say if it were me I think I would leave the stroller at home. The baby carrier is a much easier choice. Those times between flights she will want to be out exploring and the stroller will be a hindrance instead of a help. The only thing I could think of that it might be helpful for is a nap. Does she sleep well in loud situations? Could she doze off in the stroller with a blanket over her? That would be the only reason I would consider it. Never mess with nap time if you can help it. That is my motto ;D

  2. Oh the nap :) She's capable of skipping her nap not to miss the fun... so I am already expecting her nap time will be a total mess when we travel. Plus the travel is going to hit her normal nap time. Although I must say that when her energy is totally drained, she's capable of sleeping anywhere... as long as the boobies are there ;-)

    Thanks for the advice! One point for no stroller :)

  3. i would leave the stroller. carrier would be fine. =)

  4. I've traveled by myself with my 3 and my 2cents is -- leave the stroller and bring the carrier! I loved my Ergo. It was my life saver. Hands free to hold the other 2 childrens' hands, take off/put on shoes at security check point (theirs and mine), the youngest always slept in the carrier between flights, etc. When you arrive in the Phillipines just buy/borrow a stroller for the visits. Good luck!!!! You are going to have so much fun! Bring lots of toys and surprises for LSP to play/explore.

  5. i think you should leave the stroller and bring a carrier. =)

  6. We traveled with Kelly without her stroller. But I think it would be better to bring it if you're planning to go around a lot.

  7. pasensya na(tagalog lng ang isasagot ko)you know slow eh:((
    Huwag mo kalimutan dala ng maraming diaper at wet ones,dala ka din susulatan ni tala pra hndi sya mainip pti na din mga toys yun favorite toys nya.

  8. we're planning on going to manila in march.. we wont be bring eidan's big stroller but we'd be buying an umbrella stroller.. it can be easily carried and stored.. plus if it breaks during handling wherever, it's not as expensive.. the baby carrier would be nice but i think eidan would have outgrown it by then.. =)

  9. We spent Christmas holidays in Bangkok when my daughter turned 1. We took an umbrella stroller with us and it was a BIG help. We took it everywhere with us.

    The Twerp & I

  10. @michi - thanks, I've been really considering that.

    @Steph - thanks for the advice. you know, I've been coveting an ergo for a long time now but I always step back because of the price. Perhaps I should really reconsider this. I still have my baba sling that's been working well but we'll see... you are correct, I can just borrow a stroller in the philipines that's why I am really leaning towards not bringing a stroller.

    @Nuna - thanks sis! looks like this option is winning :)

    @Kim - thanks, Kim. since we are going to have a long flight with 2 stop overs, I feel like we might need to go around the airport a lot and it can be tiring if I always carry our little one... then again she's already walking so on the second thought, perhaps I'll just leave the stroller.

    @Ate Vang - good points! note taken :)

    @Mommy Jane - been thinking of the umbrella stroller nga eh... pero lam mo dito, mahal pa rin yan hehe

    @jellybelly - now, you made me second guess again haha.

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  12. It is always a good thing to have a newborn stroller that is versatile and suites your way of life.


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