Friday, December 18, 2009

23 Weeks Today

It's our 23rd week today. Little Spanish Pinay is more active than ever. I've been feeling her kicks from time to time. Not a single day that I don't feel her kick even for just once. She's probably dancing with bubbling sound of gases I have in my tummy :-D

93 cm waist line. It didn't really grew that bigger since 2 weeks ago but I still feel it bigger and heavier. Must be because it's getting cold already and my muscles are all getting tensed up and somewhat heavier... ugh, whatever. I don't have explanation, really.

I've gained 4kgs in 5months and 3 weeks. Not bad. Let's see what my midwife would tell me about my weight gain. Unfortunately, I would have to wait until 4th of January for my monthly prenatal visit. It has been a little bit too late when we requested for a prenatal schedule. December is all out... so, we'll have to wait till January.

Little Spanish Pinay should now weigh half a kilo more or less. Not only that I can already feel her movements but she does feel mines too. I guess I better work on my dance moves... I'm sure she'll like it and maybe she'll be a good dancer when she grows up :-)

The above picture is possibly my baby's position in my uterus. My uterus has obviously expanded more and can pressure the veins that sends back blood back to the heart. This can cause swelling on my toes and ankles. In my language, it is called manas, so I have to watch out for that.

I'm sure a little more exercise would help. Walk around the block (ugh, it's already getting cold outside)... maybe not too often. I guess we'll really have to work on those dance moves, huh. It'll be a nice and fun way to exercise a bit ;-)

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