Friday, December 4, 2009

21 Weeks

How time flies and I'm already halfway my pregnancy. As I sit right now in our couch browsing through my emails, I have my left hand on my belly and suddenly I felt a subtle kick. I giggled. Then another 3 kicks came with an interval of about 5 seconds. My baby's constantly moving.

According to the studies conducted, a baby at this gestational age, normally moves about 50 times a day, even while he/she's sleeping! But of course, mommies won't feel all those moves especially during the day that they have more activities. I do feel movements though during my potato couching moments and before sleeping.

What I am enjoying right now is to browse pictures of nursery rooms and dream about how we'd want our nursery room to look like. It's still a bit early to actually start working on it but it's never too early to start planning and get some ideas :)

They said that this is the period of pregnancy when everything is smoother and pregnant women are more comfortable. In general, that's how I feel. I feel so much better from my first trimester. The only nuisance I have is the constant gas that gives me hard pang just right below my left chest. I burp like a dinosaur a hundred times a day. The pain is so annoying as it won't just go away no matter how much I burp and... I won't tell other details regarding gasses as it can be embarrassing (rofl) except that it's a big pain in my arse!

I'm also now starting to really feel my big tummy now. I feel like it just suddenly get a log bigger out of nowhere. It's getting heavier for me and gives me a hard time trying to sit down on a little bit low chair. Whenever my hubby sees me struggling my way to sit down, he'd laugh and tease me and call me "barrigona!" (big tummy). He's too adorable it makes me want to throw a big pillow on his face!

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