Friday, December 18, 2009

We're 3 On Our 3 Years

December 16 - Hubby and I celebrated our 3-yr anniversary with our little one. I woke up in the morning and was surprised to see a big plant on top of the table.

A card was on it. I read the card and couldn't just stop the tears. I was greatly moved by my hubby's words so I rushed going up to our bedroom and gave my sleeping hubby a big hug. Couldn't stop telling him how much I love him. Hubby cuddled me so warmly. I was just in pure bliss. I felt my little one kicked. I felt even happier and told my little one, yes, baby, papi and mami are celebrating their 3-yr anniversary... and you just made it even more special. I felt another kick.

Late in the morning, we went out to meet my mother-in-law. We agreed to go to the mercadillo as I wanted to buy some thick stockings for the winter. I got so much good deal with 3euros each :-D I also bought 3 scarfs. I just love the mercadillo for good items you can find in a really cheaper price.

Later on, hubby and I with our little one, headed to go for our anniversary lunch. We went to a restaurant called A Vaca. I looove the place and I looove their food. Little one feasted with the croquetas and the crepes I ate.

I had one of the best lunch with my loving husband. I forgot about the bad weather on that day - freezing cold and raining at the same time. As my little one and I walked back to our home with my hubby sharing an umbrella with us, I see the sun up so high instead of the dark clouds pouring rain on the ground.


  1. Pero que bonito!! Sooo lovely, ya me emocianaba aqui, it is very moving : ) , it was a very very special, a day to remember fondly, like every day we spend together


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