Friday, December 11, 2009

Back Track - 18th week

On my 18th week - still in the Philippines for vacation - hubby and I wanted to have a 3D ultrasound for little Spanish Pinay (back then, we still didn't know her gender). As I called In My Womb in Mall of Asia for an appointment, they suggested me that it is not yet worth it to get a 3D ultrasound on the 18th week as the baby will still be small. We're kind of disappointed as we are really looking forward for one but just agreed with having the normal 2D ultrasound. We're also thankful to In My Womb as they were very honest about the result of the 3D ultrasound instead of just accepting our request and in return, spend a good amount of money for something not really worth it.

Hubby and I were accompanied by my mom and my sister Kring. They were all in the room watching our little Spanish Pinay in the big screen. She's so precious inside my womb gently moving her limbs. We even caught a glimpse of her sucking as if drinking something. She's already practicing for her milk once she's out :)

I can't remove my eyes from the monitor and I just wanted the moment to last for the whole day. We've seen her head moving, mouth open, arms and legs move. It was really funny and cute when hubby exclaimed "She looks just like me". The nose is already pronounced so she's definitely going to inherit her papa's nose.

The OB/Gyne tried to check for the gender but little one's legs were always crossed - just like a fine lady. So at that time, we never got a peek of her gender. It remained a surprise until we came back here in Spain and went to have my scheduled ultrasound.

The ultra sound session has concluded and we await for the print outs excitedly. They have given us 3 copies but only one is clearly visible. So behold, our little Spanish Pinay princess:

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  1. !! And she indeed looks like she has our big eyes, and a nose and lips like mine : D


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