Friday, December 18, 2009

O' Sullivan Test

Yesterday, I just had my O' Sullivan test. This test detects if a pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes. 8am was the schedule and naturally, hubby and I arrived around 8:20am. Good thing they still administered the test but the nurse sweetly warned me "You should be here at 8am...." I just apologized.

The nurse gave me a bottle of orange liquid that contains 50g of sugar. I heard a lot of horror story about this liquid but surprisingly, I didn't find it that bad. It's not a fun drink of course, but I didn't have a hard time drinking it. It's very sweet and somehow bitter but very manageable to drink.

After drinking the said liquid, I was asked to sit outside to rest for an hour. Can't drink anything, can't eat anything. I was advised not to move but if I need to go to the bathroom then I can go but I was asked to walk slowly. After a few minutes of drinking the liquid, I felt a sudden head rush. I feel a little bit hot and I feel a little bit dizzy. I wasn't aware that the liquid gives some reaction after drinking it so I didn't know if it was the liquid or it was just me. Good thing I was with hubby so I wasn't worried at all. Minutes after, another pregnant woman was brought in a hospital bed. Apparently, the woman felt really dizzy after taking the liquid. Another one was in a wheelchair. I was like "what's going on". I overheard people talking about the effect of taking this liquid that it can produce some reactions like dizziness and vomiting. I stayed calm but I feel sorry for the other woman. My gal bladder demanded for me to go to the bathroom and so I did. After I came back, the woman who was in the hospital bed was up and seated on the bed. Another woman was carrying a bag of unidentified liquid. I found out that the same woman vomited after a few minutes. She was really feeling bad. The nurses asked told her that they can't continue with the test so she would have to go home and come back again another time to do the test. That is really unfortunate.

After an hour, I went inside the extraction room and the nurse took 3 bottles of blood from my right arm. That ends the test for now. They told me that in a few days, they'd call me if the result of the test shows that I have high glucose level: > 140mg/dl. And then, I would have to do another test. This time, it'll be a longer than the first one. I really do hope I won't have to do this. I don't know if it is the test but after coming back from the hospital, I felt like 10 horses kicked me. I was sooooooo tired. The moment I slouched in our sofa, I was totally knocked out. I slept like a log. I woke up with my whole body aching and still tired. I was falling asleep the whole day. Terrible day.

Most importantly, I really hope that the test will come out negative as I don't want any complication for my baby. Gestational diabetes can cause the baby to produce high level of insulin that will lead to over production of body fat. This can make the baby grow excessively big and can cause damage to the shoulders during birth giving. This can then lead to a caesarian delivery. Other problems can be respiratory problems, obesity after birth, etc.

I'm really praying for the test to come out negative.

Update:  I almost forgot to update that the test came out negative! :)  But little Spanish Pinay is still going to be a big baby... just slightly bigger than normal... so far...

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