Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cyber Girlfriends and a TEST

I've recently found and followed other mommy blogs that has become my allies in the kind of parenting I have chosen.  Of course my husband is my biggest ally but other moms like myself as allies are just different.  Gives me a different sense of affirmation and feeling that I am not the only odd one in the world of motherhood.  You know, sort of how girlfriends are when you want to shop for clothes.  It's nice to have your boyfriend or husband accompany you to go shopping but it's never the same when you're shopping for clothes with girlfriends.  To my hubby: It's true! Don't get offended.  I reeeaalllly (with Australian accent) love to go shopping with you but I miss shopping with my girlfriends too! :) It's just different.
So, talking about the other mommy blogs, I've started following a number of them.  They are all in Spanish however and most of them are in Spain so I can relate to many of the current events they are talking about regarding motherhood, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, etc, and many of the experiences they have living in the same country.  Some of them from different countries as well and it's just quite interesting that inspite of the distance, there is still a lot of connection between how different moms, think, feel and deal with the wonderful world of motherhood.
Talking about these blogs, Florencia of  Diario de Una Primeriza has tagged me to take a blog test.  She's a mom from Argentina and what's really fun is that she has a baby boy that was born on the same day as Little Spanish Pinay!  The same day! :) ... Could he be Little Spanish Pinay's soulmate? haha. She has tagged me back in Oct 10 but I didn't have time to do it before today... so now, I'll be doing this test.  Thanks, Florencia for nominating me!
The questions are in Spanish so I will try to translate this in English as well:
1. ¿Te llevas bien con tu suegra? Do you get along well with your mother in law?
Muy, pero que muy bien.  Tengo suerte que mi suegra me quiere como su propia hija. I get along with her really well.  I am lucky that my mother-in-law treats me like her own daughter.

2. ¿Cuál es tu reto? What is your goal?
Como madre, mi reto es criar a mi hija como mi madre me crió y poder enseñar a mi hija el valor de la vida y de todo a su alrededor, y sobre todo que crea en Dios.  As a mom, my goal is to raise my daughter the way my mom raised me and to be able to teach her the value of life and everything around her, and most of all for her to believe in God.

3. ¿Qué le dirías a tu jefe si te tocara la lotería? What would you tell your boss if you win the lotterry?
Hasta luego, Lucas! See you later, alligator! (hasta luego Lucas is a common expression in Spanish... my boss' name is not Lucas nor alligator hehe)

4. ¿Qué harías si descubrieras que alguien te está mintiendo? What would you do if you discover someone lied to you?
Lo voy confrontar si es verdad que me esta mintiendo y porque lo ha hecho.  Seguro que le voy a perdonar pero tambien seguro que la confianza ya no va a ser igual jamas.  I will confront the person and will ask why he/she lied and why did he/she do that.  I am pretty sure that I will forgive him/her but I am pretty sure as well that the trust will never be the same.

5. Si se quema la casa y solo puedes salvar una cosa, ¿Que salvas? If your house is on fire, and you can only save one thing, what would it be?
El portatil lleno de fotos y las fotos ya imprimidas.  The laptop full of photos and printed photos.

6. Entras en un sitio con mucha gente, ¿Qué haces? You enter on a crowded place.  What would you do?
Depende de la razon porque he ido a ese sitio... si hay algo importante que tengo que hacer, pues nada, aguantar y acabar con lo que tengo que hacer.. sino pues me salvo del follon.  Depends on the reason why I went to that place.. if there's something important I need to do, then I'll just suck it up... otherwise, I'll save myself from the trouble.

7. Ves el vaso medio lleno o medio vacío? Do you see the glass half-filled or half-empty?
Casi siempre medio lleno.  Almost always half-filled.

8. Te encuentras con una lámpara mágica, ¿qué tres deseos pides? You found a magic lamp, what three wishes would you ask for?
Sabidura para mi, un mundo sin pobreza y un deseo para cada dia de mi vida.   Wisdom for me, a world without poverty and one wish for each day of my life.

9. ¿Qué te llevo a escribir un blog? What brought you to writing blogs?
Vivo lejos de mi familia y escribir en un blog es una manera de comunicar con mi gente... para que sepan mis pensamientos y mis sentimientos.  También queria que algún día mi hija pueda leer estos pensamientos y sentimientos de su madre.  A ver si un día puedo compilar todos los artículos que he escrito y hacer un libro personal de recuerdos .  I live far from my family and writing in a blog is one way for me to communicate to them and let them know my thoughts and feelings.  Also, I would like my daughter to one day, be able to read about these thoughts and feelings.   Perhaps one day I could compile all the entries and make a book for pesonal keepsake out of this.

10. Si fueras un dinosaurio, ¿cómo te llamarías? If you are a dinosaur, what would you name yourself?

11. ¿Querrías cambiar algo de tu pasado? Would you like to change anything from your past?
El pasado no se cambia porque creo que el presente esta hecho por el pasado... y con mi presente, no quiero que cambie por nada en el mundo.  The past is not to be changed because I believe that the present is made because of the past... .and with my present now, I would never change it for anything in this world.

12. ¿Cuál es tu sueño? What is your dream?
Ser la mejor madre para mi estrella y la mejor mujer para mi marido.  To become the best mom for my star and the best wife for my husband.

13. ¿Qué es lo más vergonzoso que has hecho? What is the most embarrassing thing have you ever done?
Hmmm demasiada cantidad que mencionar...? Hmmmm too many things to mention?

14. ¿A quién mandarías al Polo Norte si tuvieras poder para ello? Who would you send to North Pole if you have the power to do so?
¡¡¡A todos los que les encanta el frio!!! All those who love the freezing weather!!!

15. ¿Alguna vez te han pillado en un renuncio, o sea haciendo algo que no debías? Have you ever been sued or caught doing something that you shouldn't be doing?
No, gracias a Dios.  No, thank God.

16. ¿Comida preferida? What is your preferred food?
¿Comida Filipina, que va ser??? Filipino food, what else???

17. ¿Que fue lo mas descabellado/loco que hiciste por amor? What was the craziest thing have you ever done for love?
Venir aqui a España, a oceanos de lejos de mi pais, de mi familia y de mis amigos.  Dejé mi vida en Filipinas y empezé una nueva junto con mi marido (mi novio de aquella). Come here in Spain, oceans away from my country, my family and my friends.  Left my life in the Philippines and started a new one together with my husband (my boyfriend back then)

 The tradition is to tag another 8 bloggers.  But most of the ones I am following have already done this and that I still don't that much "connections"... so I guess I'd tag whoever feels like answering these kind of "slambook" test.  Oh well,  I'll tag  a friend of mine, Jane of Nine Months and After.  That is if she'd have time to do this.  She has just recently gave birth to a lovely boy and still adjusting with everything.  

By the way, take care Jane! I hope you and the beating peanut get well soon!


  1. I am not offended honey : ) , of course it is a completely different feeling, mmmwuah!

  2. sounds like fun..maybe i can try this one out on my blog and tag other friends too...
    thanks for stopping by my GT posts...can't find yours though...
    btw, am your newest follower....:)

  3. for some gfc seems not working right...will stop by again later to follow you...good day:)


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