Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Poop That Was

So Little Spanish Pinay has officially started with solid food. "Officially" because she has started tasting solid food just a little even before ::I'm saying this in a hush hush tone. Don't let our pedia hear this:: She's still 95% being breastfed, though. Her solid food routine is to merely introduce her to different food texture and taste little by little. And for her tummy to start adopting to solid food. She eats 2 teaspoon of cereals mixed with breastmilk about twice a day, a little bit of fruits (banana, apple, pear)here and there, potatoes and bread to keep her entertained while adults eat. She loves bread and I believe what she loves the most about it is that she is able to munch on it on her own. Little Ms. Independent we have it seems. She can also eat banana on her own with the help of Nikidom baby safe feeder. It is actually a brilliant idea. But the cleaning part? Not much fun especially with bananas. An unused toothbrush to clean the mesh bag where food goes does help, though. And I repeat an unused toothbrush. No need to explain that, eh?
Nikidom baby-safe feeder.  Here in Spain it is called anti-ahogo alimentador literally means anti-choke baby feeder.
Happily eating banana with her baby safe feeder

I love that LSP loves food. She loves to sit with us in the dining table while hubby and I eat our meal. I make sure that she gets to participate as well. Everytime she sees me putting something in my mouth? She beeeggs to get some too! She wouldn't stop making uhhhrrmm uhhrrmm uhhhrrm noises, stretching her two arms, fists tight closed. Such demands!

And so, stepping up onto this new stage of solid food adventure, LSP has entered onto another stage of solid poop adventure. Yesterday, while we were having dinner, Tala suddenly made some weird gestures - arms raised mid-high, fists closed, lips twitching, head suddenly slightly but quickly shaking. We laughed with her gestures but wondered what was that all about. When I checked her diapers, lo and behold - there was THE poop. There goes the answer to the twitching and fists closing. My poor LSP, she was having a hard time expelling her poop. Before we started giving her solid food, her poop is normally soft and watery. That's the normal consisteny of the poop for breastfed babies. She never had a hard time letting her poop go but this time, it was different. So my dear LSP, that's the price of introducing yourself to the wonderful world of tastes. Don't worry you'll get used to it...

And that's the story of the poop that was.


  1. Same thing happened to us. When we were changing his diapers we found “the treasure” LOL
    Hello solid food, Hello solid poop!

  2. we experienced the same thing with our little peanut when he started on formulas.. we can always tell when he's doing his number 2.. lol! (ire ng ire)

  3. She looks like she is singing with a microphone, hehehhe, funny!


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