Monday, November 29, 2010

Cloth Diaper

When I was still pregnant at around 7months, I wrote this entry about disposable diapers.  When Little Spanish Pinay was born, hubby and I decided to really get serious about using cloth diaper. We still use disaposable diaper though from time to time (like if we need to go out the house for a long period of time and there'll be no comfortable place to wash the cloth diaper or if suddenly I ran out of clean cloth diaper). But I can say that the use of disposable diapers that takes 500 years to decompose is very minimal. I know we're not being completely green but let's say using 10 - 15 disposable diapers in a month is A LOT greener than a 200++.  I do what I can to help mother nature though I know I can still do more. Like totally ditching off the use of disposable diapers.  For now, the target is to only use disposable diapers in the event that cloth diaper is not available and/or whenever outside the house for a long period of time.

Now we're on to 7th moth of friendship with cloth diapers and I would say I am really pleased. Little Spanish Pinay never had rashes. No leaks at night and most of all, mother nature is happy! Just a small gesture to give back to our planet and at the same time, provide something good and beneficial to Little Spanish Pinay.

Beneficial it is because her butt stays away from contaminating chemicals of disposable diapers like polyacrylate that is being used to increase absorbency and trap liquid and convert it into gel-like substance. Even those ecological disposable diapers that recently came out in the market contain this toxic chemical among others. What ecological diapers differ from the regular ones is that they may not contain traces of an extremely toxic by-product of paper bleaching process and that the materials used are organic, but not completely free of toxic chemicals like polyacrylate. What's more is that according to study, children who uses cloth diapers can be potty trained earlier. I do not know about that for sure. Then again, my siblings and I never used disposable diapers... but I always remember my mom telling us that none of us had problems wetting our beds.  So it could be true.  We'll see with Little Spanish Pinay... sometimes it is also how parents train the baby.  It's always hard to kiss up to my mom's level when it comes to mothering :)

Some people say that cloth diaper spends lots of water and detergent so it's not totally green.  Personally, I'd say spending certain amount of water - a resource that is mostly renewable resource (not completely but still renewable) to wash is far greener than the waste material brought by disposable diaper that takes 500 years to decompose... there's just no comparison.

What's challenging at the beginning is to find the right type, system and number of cloth diapers that would suit our needs and budget.  We currently have 3 different types of cloth diapers and a number enough to last 3-4 days before loading them off to the washer.

pop-in bamboo cloth diaper
Cheaper diapers I found from ebay.  Not bad.
by cotton babies - same makers of bum genius but these ones are cheaper.  This is by far my favorite!

All of the cloth diapers we chose are one-size.  It can be used from newborn until potty trained.  There's an adjustment for the size for each growth phase.   I do hope that there'll be more and more moms that would opt to use cloth diapers.  It doesn't have to be 100% cloth diaper use all the time but just minimizing the use of these highly contaminating products can be a big help to our dear mother nature.

LSP happy with her flip cloth diaper


  1. mama lhot, how do you deal with the poopie? nilalabhan mo agad? =)

  2. Jane, I use a liner now that LSP has more or less solid poopoo... I throw the liner with the poopoo in the WC then wash the diaper a little just to remove the remaining poopoo (if there are) then off to the diaper bin.


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