Thursday, July 21, 2011

Barking on the wrong tree

4 canine teeth cutting through all at the same time. The 2 upper canine teeth have finally cut through a bit after about a month and the other 2 lower canine teeth are still trying to cut through.  The gums have started to look transparent but I don't know how much more it'll take to cut through completely.  She's been with her fists in her mouth all the time but apparently this teething by a number is not the culprit why she's with fever since Thursday till Sunday morning.

Sunday night, red rashes started appearing on her forehead, down to the back of the ear, on to the face then down to her neck and chest and stomach area.  It also extends through her back and the diaper area.  Some are also a bit visible in the arms.  

Could this be bungang-araw (prickly heat)? Or perhaps measles?  Or chicken pox? No way, it doesn't look like chicken pox at all.  I was starting to think of the worst.

So Monday, we didn't let the day pass without consulting the doctor.  As soon as we were done with work, we went to the doctor.  The verdict? Exantema Subito.  Say, waaat? In English it is called roseola or sixth disease. Say,  waaat? This was the first time I've heard these names and I was like where the heck did my child get this.  I asked her pedia and we were told that there's really no known source of this disease and though it is highly contagious, it's almost benign apart from the fever that the child can get at the onset of the disease.

When I tried to search more about it, I was surprised to find out that this was something I am very familiar with after all.  Tigdas hangin!! That is how it is called in my language and it is a common disease  in the Philippines and is usually not of concern.  I can't remember having afflicted with one when I was young though.  I've never had this, not even bulutong (chicken pox) nor tigdas (measles) nor beke (mumps).

Today, she's doing really well. Rashes were almost gone and she's back to her normal self.  Although she's got a big bukol (bump) on her forehead.  Argh, don't ask why and how.  Sometimes she's too fast I can hardly keep up with her even though  I have my eyes on her like a hawk.

I'd often feel really, really bad ::as if the world is on my shoulder:: and feel like the worst mom on earth every time she gets small accidents like this.  And the tears I'd shed?  Drama anthology.  But then I started to accept that these will be inevitable.  And there are things that are just out of my hand no matter what I do to protect her from these things.  Of course it doesn't make me *not* feel bad everytime she gets hurt and it doesn't mean I'll be more lax on protecting her but accepting the fact that there are things that are just out of my control would help me tone down a bit about *always* blaming myself with any misfortune that happens.  I think this is some sort of *sickness* of moms... they always blame themselves for things.  Don't we just have such a high expectations of ourselves, especially when it comes to mothering our children?

Ok back to the  topic at hand. I always let myself get sidetracked.  I don't have a cure.

So I guess I was barking on the wrong tree and it wasn't really the teething that caused the fever.  And about that amber teething necklace... I'll hold off on that since it's not something very affodable especially in this side of the world ::add the fact that I still sometimes convert euros to php so things would even look very expensive to me, then add another fact that the idea I have of the value of products in the Philippines is still way back 2005... so just imagine - I'm sick like that::

See the bump on her forehead? This was taken on the same day of the accident.  This is her usual messy look while having dinner.  Her face looks so kawawa (pitiful).


  1. she's still cute on her "kawawa" picture. i think i had tigdas hangin when i was in elem. but i did not do anything. it went away without medication. =)

    natawa naman ko sis, you still convert euro to php. hahaha! i also do that when i'm out of the country though it rarely happens. =)

  2. Aww wawa si baby...hopefully all these will pass soon! I hate having to see my kids suffer whenever they're sick but it all a part of life I guess...

  3. I hope your little one is feeling better. As far as teething, have you tried those teething toys you put in the freezer or teething tablets (all natural). I know I had to go through almost 2 yrs of teething with my little one since they would burst one by one. It is not fun for mommy.
    Thanks for coming by Espanol para Ninos.
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  4. I hope she is alright now though, your baby is so cute.

  5. @michi - ganon nga ang sabi ng pedia. There's nothing that needs to be done... pero binigyan nya ng antihistamine si LSP just to help her with the itchiness. At yes, *sometimes* I still convert hehehe I know nde na dapat, minsan lang talaga I can't help it.. kuripot eh.

    @Joy - Thanks Joy. I know. Hindi talaga maiiwasan magkasakit kahit pinakasimpleng sakit.

    @jpbplbarbara - thanks! I do have those teething toys that can be frozen. I also have one of those that vibrates. It does help but then oftentimes, LSP is very lazy to use this hehe.

    @anne - thanks, Anne! :)

  6. Awww, she's still a cutie =) i'm not going to tell you to not be too hard on yourself coz all moms do that. But you're right, little accidents happen even if you're watching them every waking hour. I suppose it is partof growing up...

    Teething is never fun! Why can't they just come out without pain & drama? And it's a good thing that you manage to find out what it was. Ang hirap talaga pag asa ibang bansa sa mga situasyon na ganito (buti na lang may internet, hehe)

    Hope she feels better soon. =) x

  7. glad she had recovered. tigdas hangin pala, here in pinas 2nd day fever pa lang pedia agad kasi grabe ang dengue dito. nakakapanic nung una un term ng pedia mo sis.
    aaw!ouchie naman yan bukol na yan!

  8. I feel you sister! My baby is sick right now and just brought her for a doctor's visit this morning. I can feel so incompetent as a mother when these things happen.


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