Friday, July 15, 2011

Fangs are no fun!

Vampires are cool... especially when their fangs would slighty show when they talk so matter-of-factly, cold but full of mystery.  Imagine Mick St. John of the TV series Moonlight, that was unfortunately cancelled after less than a year due to poor critics received.  It was really unfortunate for me because I loooove the series.  and Mick St. John is one of the cutest vampires I've seen.  I would say hottest vampire too but my husband reads my blog so I'd skip saying that :-D

But on fangs Little Spanish Pinay? No fun! Her fangs or canine teeth as its proper name, are cutting through for it seems like a month already!  Then to make matters worst, both lower canine teeth have also started to cut through! Poor LSP, when it gets really tough, she's cry with her whole fist stuffed in his mouth.  And then yesterday, she woke up with a fever.  Last night we woke up at around 5am with her on 39ºC.  I gave her paracetamol to help the down the fever.  She's especially irritable through the day but she still keeps her humor.  She'd sing and dance and would play with me.  But then from time to time, all of a sudden she would start crying for no apparent reason and would stuff her fingers inside her mouth or he would be touching her teeth with her fingers and then drool all over her.  It's tough to see her go through this but there's really nothing much I can do but double the affection and attention and love I can give her. 

She woke up with 38ºC fever today but the smile is still indispensable

Frozen delights help her sooth the pain so sometimes we'd let her chew on some popsicles.  Paracetamol is my other option if I see her really bothered by her teething.  There are also gels that can be brought from the pharmacy but it's not really recommended by pediatricians.  And there's this latest hip: amber teething necklace/bracelet/anklets.  It is supposed to work as a natural analgesic when it comes in contact with human skin.  Healing stones are becoming popular these days.  I have no idea how effective they are but I am not closing the possibilities either.  So, if desperate measures come, I might have to try this... I'd do anything to ease LSP's pain even for just a little.

Anyone who has experience on trying this amber teething necklace? Any postive result?


  1. she is still cute.. kahit may fever :)

    are you coming to Pinas in december? i would love to meet you :)

  2. Aw, that really stinks. Hope she gets better.

  3. Anything cold is good. I had a similar teething necklace (but it wasn't Amber) and it worked fine. You could also let her chew on a piece of steak =)...hopefully the teeth will hurry up and pop out so she doesn't have to go through this any longer.

    Is it true you'll be here in December? Someone should really organize something where all pinay mom bloggers can get together...

  4. i like her picture. she's so cute. my son did not experience fever when he’s teething, but he did not want to eat and drink milk. He just kept on putting his fingers on his mouth.

  5. poor girl, good thing mama knows how to make it better :)

  6. Thanks girls!

    @chris and joy - we definitely need to organize something. It'll be fun, fun, fun. Maybe we can start taking note on where each one live so we can plan on a meeting place convenient for everybody? :-D I'm sabik!

  7. Poor litte fella! Hope she gets better soon!

    Sending her lots of hugs!

  8. I'm in! I think I'll make a post about it near your arrival...

  9. Very sweet smile kahit may fever. Hope she gets well really soon.

  10. oh you poor girl. try giving her ice cubes and put in those mesh feeders...worked for my baby.

  11. hmm, a meet up in december? wow, this would spell F-U-N!

    i hope I can become part of that meet-up!would love to see other Pinay Blogging Nanays!

  12. @Veronica, Janie and Anney - thank you girls!

    @~wickedlysexy c",? - we'll come up with something. We'll start to organize around October and November siguro. I'm excited! :-D


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