Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mustache and beard - would they look good on me?

Lately, I've been having this fear of growing beard and mustache or developing a "manly" skin on the face.    What the heck has gotten into me thinking this may happen.

It all started when I realized I'm developing this habit I'm about to tell.

At night when Little Spanish is already asleep, I try not to use the bathroom in our room. I don't want to make any noise that will wake up our light sleeper.  So I'd normally use the bathroom downstairs and there, I only have a spare toothbrush everything else I use for my before bedtime routine is upstairs. What I'd normally end up using is my husband's facial wash and facial moisturizer.  I'd tell myself it's better to use man's facial wash than sleep with dirty face - tomorrow I'll transfer all my stuff in the bathroom downstairs.  And that then the following day, I'd tell myself the same thing.  I never remember transferring my stuff downstairs and I never get the habit of doing my before bedtime routine BEFORE sending Little Spanish Pinay to bed. 

Old habits die hard.  Or how do they say that? 

One side of me enjoys using hubby's facial was hand moisturizer coz they really smell yummy.  And then it makes me feel like hubby's face is always touching my face because I can smell him sooooo near. He's scent is actually on me!  Romantic.  But then my subconscious really has its way on creeping into my consciousness and makes me think using a man's facial wash and moisturizer may get me in to developing mustache and beard... plus my skin in the face will be that of a man.  During the day, while I work, I would often find myself touching my face trying to feel if something is changing or I would often sneak time closely looking at my face on the mirror if there's any hint of hair growth.

Duh.  If I fear this much, why do I keep on using hubby's facial wash and moisturizer.  Then again, night after night, I'd be on the same pitfall.  Send Little Spanish Pinay to bed, go downstairs, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and then get hubby's facial wash and wash my face (enjoying its good smell), pat my face dry and then finally get hubby's moisturizer and apply it on my face (again, enjoying the good smell while closing my eyes).  Then it'll hit me.  Gosh, man's product on my face again.

I don't have a name for this.

Anyone knows if this would indeed make me grow mustache and beard???


  1. I don't think so!! i don't think they put hormones in those men facial products:) i do love the smell of my hubby's shirt, his pillow, might be gross for others but i love it.

  2. i love the smell of men's stuff like perfume, gel and even deodorant. lol!

  3. i don't think so, sis. i sometimes use my hubby's facial wash too. i just love the smell. =)

  4. A cute and funny habit :) And no, I don't think that would make your face grow a mustache and a beard ;)

  5. Hmmm this is a tough one...but on the upside if you do start growing facial hair you can proceed to also sharing his shaver and shaving cream! Bagay naman sa iyo...hehe jk!

  6. nah! hahaha! it's just that you smell like a tough - masculine hubbito instead of a feminine, playful, sweet scent

  7. @F.L.A.G - you are definitely right! those can't have manly hormones :-D

    @michi and nuna - diba? they smell really good :-D

    @Katherine - I do hope so!

    @mikexplorer - thanks!

    @Rachel Joy - yan ka nanaman! natawa ako sayo!

    @Lelay - LOL

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  9. You are so paranoid, it's crazy! :). Funny crazy :). But I have to admit that I love the smell of those man products too.


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