Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When you become a mom you kind of develop a thick face

We didn't exactly have a very sunny weekend but we still managed to go to the beach for a couple of hours on Sunday morning and then in the afternoon after lunch.  After the beach session in the morning, we stopped by a cafeteria to have something to drink before heading home for lunch.  Here in Spain (or at least in our region),  it is common custom for cafeterias to provide some sort of tapas if you get something to drink (say, soda or tonic water or beer etc).  The waiter gave us some spanish tortilla.  There were one 2x2 inches cube for each drink ordered.  Hubby and MIL started eating their portions and as usual, as soon as Little Spanish Pinay saw them eating she started pointing and making her monkey sound (uh uh ah ah).  So I gave her my portion.  She devoured the whole piece.  And she seemed to want some more.

I love to see her eat something (especiallly something healthy) with much gusto so I was kind of on the edge to give her some more. 

What a mommy wouldn't do for a hungry baby?

I took Little Spanish Pinay inside the cafeteria, sat her on top of the bar and talked to the waiter.  I think I kind of stummered but I was determined to get some more spanish tortilla for my dear LSP so I just asked the waiter if he can give us some more spanish tortilla because my baby looooved it.  Just a small portion for her. And then I tried to add that he can charge us for that as he sees appropriate.  But before I even finish my last statement the waiter told me that he'd have to check since it seems to him that the portions he gave us were the last ones already.  Then off he ran inside the kitchen.  He came back with a big triangular portion and I beamed with happiness.  I asked him how much it costs but he said not to bother since it's the last from the batch.  I was double happy.  I think my face was all red.

Little Spanish Pinay and I went back to our table both with big smiles.  MIL chuckled and hubby exclaimed a big wow and asked me where I got the spanish tortilla.  I asked the waiter! I said.  The he proceeded on teasing me for having such a thick face.  I just told him anything for my dear daughter and then I winked.

If we are probably in the Philippines, this is not really such a great deal nor an embarrassing act but here in Spain, generally people are more reserved about these things.  It's not even a custom for people to bring home their left over food from restaurants no matter how big the portion is left uneaten.  And if you do,  waiters would kind of look at you in a weird way, they wouldn't know exactly what to do as they are not prepared for packing the left over food.  they don't have these take-home styros or boxes.  If you are lucky, they'd give you a plastic bag - or literally a doggie bag.   

Not a very good custom if you ask me. I hate throwing food so if I eat in a restaurant, I'd like to be able to bring home my paid food so I can take advantage of it later on and not throw it away.

Oops, I kind of got distracted.

Anyways, LSP ate half of that big portion of the spanish tortilla and I was so happy and proud.  Really, a mom can be proud about just anything her baby would do, right?  It's silly but that's how moms are :)

The following day, remembering how our little one loved the spanish tortilla, I decided to make one for lunch.  Apart from the normal potatoes and onions for a regular spanish tortilla, I added some veggies like spinach, green peas and carrots to give it some health booze then I also added some salami for an additional zest.  So I ended up making a humungous serving.   

This was good for about 6 people I think. 
It was also such a big work to turn it over as it was too big and heavy! 

Not too crappy coz LSP enjoyed it twice. 
Once over lunch and then over dinner and she got her day's portion of veggies.


  1. Well, like you said.. anything for our dear babies! ^_<

  2. Just the other day, CL and I were talking about the differences in cultures...we especially like cultures that take an hour break in the middle of the day to rest...lol

    Did you know that voiceBoks has moved? It's a great community! Here's their new address is you're interested in joining:

  3. You'll do everything for your lovely little one..whatever it takes! can you be my mom:)...lol

    I really adore you with the love your giving to your family. I wish all the happpppinnnnessssssss in this world for you and I hope once you visit philippines...mag meet tyo:) I wanna met your lovely little one!

  4. twas great that LSP enjoyed eating veggies

  5. it's really great to learn other cultures. so if ever i would be in spain, i will always bring extra ziplock bag for my leftover. =) i always bring home leftover food whenever i eat in resto, because i paid for it and i know they will just throw it away.

  6. evangeline donorJuly 13, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Grabe!nagutom ako sa luto mo..Yummy!yummy...Galing mo na chef lhot.hehehe

  7. @Nuna - absolutely! pag nanay na, kapalan na lang ito hehe

    @Becky Jane - haha taking an hour break at the middle of the day sounds fun!! I like that culture too :-D

    @SunnyToast - meeting in pinas sounds lovely! We'll keep in touch ;-) It would be December so watch out for it!!

    @Lelay - I wasn't a big veggie eater when I was young so I try my best to introduce veggies on her diet as early as no :-D

    @Michi - and make sure you ping me if you are passing by Spain ;-)

    @Ate Vang - Na-eenjoy ko na nga talaga ang pagluluto :-D. Nagluto ako ng ginataang munggo and success daw sabi ni Manuel. I'll blog about it one of these days. kailangan ko ulitin kasi walang pictures eh.

  8. Akala ko Spain and the Philippines almost have the same culture (they also take siesta right?). Spain is one of the places na gusto kong puntahan so it's a lesson learned that I have to order enough food lang or in case, I think I have to bring ziplock and paper bag too.lols

    By the way, I really like the way you write. Your flow of ideas, the coherence - which i don't have..Not mentioning pa na nahihirapan akong i-express ideas ko dahil nauubusan ako ng english..horay to me!hehe

    Smiles from,

    Andy at wordsandpen.com

  9. wow!hope to see you on december =) i'm excited for LSP

  10. @Andy - Coming from you that's a big compliment, really. I think most of us naman has this handicap of running out of english words to express our ideas... most of the time pa naman there's no direct translation no?

    @lelay - we should organize something! :)

  11. Korek!if you depend on google translator naman, it would sound freakin' weird..lols! but really, you write very well..that's why I keep coming back..not mentioning pa na we're both Pinays..=)

  12. Yup! anything for our dear little one... you'll have that courage pala to persistently get something kapag nanay na. =)

  13. I think having a thick face is not only about being a mom but being Filipino, haha! with the take out, extra this and that for free, trying to get the best out of your money :)

  14. anything for our dearies, really!
    it has been awhile since i have been here, i have been busy!

    it is a good thing i stumble through this post on momcenter + recognized your blogname. i simply find the tortilla so tempting + delicious, i hope i know how to make one :(

    kisses to the little spanish pinay :)
    jared's little corner


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