Monday, July 18, 2011

Night Terrors On Toddlers

I'm still kind of perplexed while writing this.  My Little Spanish Pinay started having fever last Thursday and it continued on and off until yesterday, Sunday.  I believe it was mainly because of her 4 canine teeth cutthing through as she wasn't having colds nor having any kind of infection - as I believe. In any case we were already planning to go to the pediatrician if after 4 days, her fever would continue.  The last time LSP had fever, we immediately went to haver her checked but the doctor told us to go back after 2 more days that the fever still goes on and off and reaching 39ºC.   According to the doctor, if the cause of the fever is infection or specific virus or bacteria, it doesn't normally manifest before 4 days.  So we'd have to wait.  And just like the last time, LSP was completely fever free on the 4th day so we attribute the fever to her teething.  On both occassions, LSP was having 4 teeth cutting through all at the same time.  She's normally a good teether - but when there are 4 teeth cutthing through all at the same time, it'd really take a toll on her.

Apart from having fever, she's irritable almost the whole day.  She's very sensitive and would require much much attention.  This time though, on 2 consecutive nights already, LSP would have a fierce episode of waking up hysterically.  There's no way to calm her down.  She'd wake up all of a sudden crying and screaming as if someone is trying to attack her.  She seems to be oblivious of our presence.  Touching her and taking her in my arms to calm her down would just make things worst.  She'd try to free herself from me, twisting and arching her back furiously.  She would also point on a specific area of the room as if she wants something from there but then when I try to put her near the area she's pointing to, she'd scream even more.

This would go on for about 10-15minutes.  And all the time, I am mixed with worry and fear and confusion and desperation on why is this happening and what to do and what is wrong with our little one.  When everything starts to calm down, she'd ask to be nursed and almost immediately, she'd fall asleep while I am left bewildred as to what has just happened. 

As usual, as soon as I am able to, with a glass of wine on one hand to calm myself down, I started googling about the situation... and I was brought to this sleep problem called night terrors.  Little Spanish Pinay might still be young to have this but the signs are all pointing to night terrors.  Plus, there had been changes in her sleep routine due to her fever and us spending the weekend over my inlaws' house.  She's been pretty agitated these days because of the fever and the teething and have been napping irregularly.  During her no-fever moments, she would also be out and about runing and playing around the house... and with fever on and off, her body and mind was just worn out.  All these can attribute to night terrors - according to a number of websites I've visited.

While there's really nothing much to worry about this as it will normally pass, it is highly distressing for hubby and I.  I wish I knew about this night terror thing before so I could have avoided making things worse by trying to carry our little one and trying to control her frantic movement in an attempt to calm her down. 

Now that she's completely fever free, I hope she won't have another episode of this night terrror.  Most of all, I do hope her fever won't come back for good!

If the night terror episode happens again, we'll be seeking her pedia's opinion about this.  In the meantime, I'll be watching her keenly.


  1. i hope she's okay now. There are times that my son "sleep talk", am not sure if this is part of his dream.

  2. Hello there...
    I'm so sorry to hear about your little one's night terrors. It has happened to my son on a few occassions. We didn't know what was going on, what to do & how to make things better. Some times he'll calm down & just doze back to sleep but most of the time i'll have to breastfeed him for him to get some sleep. But it's been a while since he had one thank goodness.

    Glad to hear she does not have raised temp anymore. Fingers crossed she won't have any more episodes. Take care =)

  3. Hi there..i hope she is fine.. glad she is fever free!! take care..

  4. My son once went through a short phase of night terrors. Once they stopped they never started again. Hope the same goes for your little one. I am sure it was provoked by her illness as you mentioned.

  5. great LSP recovered already, Alec also had viral fever last week. i think night terrors are typical to ill kids. i suggest that you sleep beside her to calm her immediately and expose her to soft music before sleeping

  6. My eldest would have these when he was around 4 years old, he's 6 now and it's been months since the last episode. I usually think it's coz they had a really bad dream and it would manifest while they're half awake making them unable to determine reality from dreamland. I dunno, but it is quite disturbing. one time he woke up frantically screaming and said out loud "mommy they're gonna get us!" then after a few seconds went back to sleep. i asked him the next morning if he remembered crying or what he dreamed about and he doesn't. Strange huh? Anyways sorry for the long comment, but also wanted to let you know I've awarded you with the blog on fire award! check it out:

  7. I hope everything will be okay with your lovely little one:)

    and wine really helps to relax:)

    happy blogging...mami:)

  8. Thank you girls! LSP is better now and her night terror didn't come back after two nights, thank God. It does look like it was caused by her not feeling well.

  9. @Joy - Looks like awards are being given while someone is away! Thank you so much! I'll be heading off to your blog to grab that award right this minute :) Give me some time though before I'd be able to post it as this mami is kinda busssssyyy these days.


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