Friday, July 22, 2011

1 and one fourth

She's 15 months... a year and a quarter already! To think, only 3 months have passed since her  first birthday but then she has changed a lot!  She's a full-fledged toddler now and showing signs of the terrible two.  It looks like she's so in a hurry into her growth development that I notice changes on her everyday.  I'm not implicating that she's a precocious child - I believe each child is a different world.  Each one has their own pace that should be respected.  I don't really try to measure if she's doing something "in advance" or not.  I just try to note her different milestones for my own journaling.  Maybe one day I can compile everything in a book so I can read my thoughts to her - or she'll be reading them on her own.

See? side-tracked again.

Motor skills
She learned to walk at 11 months and she, well, toddled for about 2 months and now, she's running! And everytime she does, my heart would skip a beat because it always seem she'd trip over.  And then when she sees me running after her in a panicky mode, it would excite her like a flame to a firework.   She goes like a rocket squealing.  And then I'd die of a heart attack.

Her hand-eye coordination is also getting better.  She uses her fork or spoon to eat.  There are time that she would still miss her mouth by half an inch though and smear the food all over her face, on to her chest and then to her lap and then finally on my poor-now-very-battered floor.   She also has a lot of succesful attempts on picking the food with the fork and every time she is able to do so, mami would take her pompoms and cheer non-stop.  She would shy sheepishly and at the same time give me that look of "yeah, big deal... that's a piece of cake for me now".   She can be such a show off like that sometimes.  But then other times she just can't trap the food with the fork so she'd just ditch the fork and pick the food with her fingers. It's funny how she'd try to keep her cool on this frustrating moment for her.

She loves dancing.  She has different grooves with some kicking here and there. She got that dancing style from her spanish lola.  Also? she just learned to twirl around a month ago! How fun it is for her and what's more fun is the after effect of twirling a number of times - dizziness!! I know how fun it is.   I love twirling or turning round and round when I was young and then slump on the floor because I'd get so dizzy and then I'd get so amazed with just how the world turns round and round before my very eyes.  She dances with just about any music - upbeat, rap, jazz a la Frank Sinatra, copla, and just about any type of music.  She would twirl daintily with Sinatra's songs.  Every time she sees that cd player in her room, she'd point to it and would say "tu-tu" which means tugtog, which translate to music... and then she'd bop her head tons of times to encourage me on turning the cd player on.  Really, she loves to bop her head when she's asking for something.  It's cuteness overload when she does it.

She loves entering doll houses and then opening and closing doors.

I don't literally count the words that she can already understand but I tell you, there's already tons of them.  I would often be surprised with how she can follow my commands (in both my language and in Spanish).  We do have a real conversation now.  The thing is, most of her words are still indecipherable.  More cryptic than Da Vinci's code.  One time she was asking me to sing something.  She started pointing at the TV and then she said something like mi-mi.  She repeated again and again, pointing at the TV and then saying mi-mi.  I tried my very best to guess what song she wanted me to sing but each time I tried,  I got a big no-no-no-no.  And the longer this goes on, the more desperate she become. She tried different signs, putting her two-hands on her mouth, on her head, pointing again on the TV and then finally she cupped my face with her two hands and bursted something like pak-tuk-plak-pa-pak-pa-plak bopping her head so frequent and then I just couldn't guess the song.  Defeated, she cried.  And I burst out laughing my heart out.  Bad mami.  I know I shouldn't have laughed as she was deeply frustrated and she was already crying but I couldn't help it.  She was too darn cute.  I told her mami was sorry she couldn't understand her so I just offered her to do something else.  Hubby had the what-has-just-happened look on his face while observing everything and he was left open-mouthed with the way Little Spanish Pinay tried to communicate.

The following day though, while watching some of her favorite videos, we came across this video of a hippopotamus and a dog singing and dancing to the tune of In The Jungle.  You know this song from the famous TV series Friends? When Ross lost his pet monkey and found it in a shooting.  He sang this song and the whole gang joined in.  It was hilarious especially on the part when Joey sang the part of the highest pitch.  Anyways, this song has this part.... something like "a whimaweh, a whimaweh... ".  The moment Little Spanish Pinay heard this, her eyes sparkled and she started singing mi-mi.  Then the big light bulb just dinged on top of my head.  That was the song she wanted me to sing last night! And I just remembered that there is a TV commercial that uses this as a background song.  Or perhaps it was a movie trailer.  I am not sure.  But I am sure that from time to time, I hear this from the TV and LSP would dance with the jingle.  Now everytime she remembers the song and would tell me mi-mi bopping her head at the same time, I exactly know what to sing.

Ok, back to the language area.   I am really happy that at this point, it already shows that she does understand both filipino and spanish languages.  She can follow instructions or responds to either language asking for the same thing.   She also uses the both languages in her convenience.  She knows the different part of her body in filipino and in spanish. Although I believe she knows more body parts in filipino than in spanish.  But I wouldn't worry about that because learning spanish for her is inevitable. She hears it everywhere.  I'm sure sooner or later she'll know more spanish words than filipino words... but this Spanish Pinay mama will not be taken down easily.  Little Spanish Pinay will be speaking in Filipino as fluent as any other natural Filipinos :) I can't wait till she is finally conversant with Filipino.  Finally, I'll have someone to talk in my language here. IN PERSON.  Sometimes talking using a foreign language for a long time makes me feel like my tongue is getting too thick that at the end of the day, I feel like I'm already slurring.  Then when I get to speak my own language with anyone... as in real talk not just chat, I have this wonderful feeling about it.  Analogous to wearing a tight shoes all the day and then taking it off upon arriving home at the end of the day.  Can you imagine that aaaaahhhh feeling? Any other people speaking foreign language too often too much in a day feels the same way I do?  

Yeah.  Side-tracked again.

I don't really know how much words she should understand by now and how many of them she should be able to speak as I just go on a daily basis.  The way I see her add up on her vocabularies is more than enough for me... and it does tell me she's developing properly at her own pace.

She loves eating in general.  I let her play with her food so she'd get more confident about it.  What makes me happy is that she eats her spinach, her carrots, and her green peas.  She didn't like the regular squash being sold here... but she does like the pumpkin type coz it's sweeter.  The thing is, it's kind of hard to find one here :-(  Then I normally run out of ideas for her breakfast.  Her mood about breakfast changes.  She used to love oatmeal with a dash of chocolate powder or some fruits but now, she'd hardly touch it.  She eats cereals with milk though but from time to time, she'd get tired of it again and then I will be left blank on what else to give her.  I don't have much time to prepare her food in the morning so I really need help on this area.  Ideas, moms out there?

Ok, I must admit this - she loves junk food ::but then again, who doesn't:: and I let her eat her junk food like potato chips or cheese curls ,etc from time to time.  Call me bad mom,  I don't mind.  I swear I am not giving her too much.  She also absolutely likes adores chocolates and that too, I give her from time to time.  I try to choose the ones with lots of milk in them like the kinder chocolates.  And again, I promise, I give her a very controlled amount.  I was a junk food addict ::and I still am:: when I was young but I believe I am good healthwise.  So a controlled junk food intake should be fine, right?  Ok, I am open to sermons.

Sleeping habit
Ok, this one is a bit tricky.  First, I must say we still co-sleep.  We are all still enjoying this but sometimes the bed is getting smaller and smaller for the three of us already.   Especially that Little Spanish Pinay is such an active sleeper.  She kicks, she wiggles.  She rolls over on a 3 complete cycle.  She rotates her legs like a clock and would end up horizontal on the bed.  Imagine a letter H on the bed.  Hubby and I as the two vertical sides and LSP is the horizontal line in the middle.  Then most of the nights, she sleeps fine waking up once or twice to nurse.  But there are nights that she'd wake up like a hundred times, squawking like sea gulls.  And these moments are very apparent every 3 months.  It's like every 3 months, she experiences a big growth spurt that makes her uneasy on her sleep.  So far it never fails.... every quarter of the year, we'd have this every hour or two waking up and nursing.

In terms of napping, she can be a good napper.  She'd stay mute for at most 3 hours and at least an hour. So on regular days, she would get a boundary of 12-14 hours of sleep which is not bad at all.

Her night sleep is normally at 11pm or 12mn. She'd wake up around 10 or 11am too.... lately she's been sleeping till 12nn or even until 1pm.  I think it is also because of the many waking up times at night during her growth spurt moments.  Her schedule might be odd but it works fine for all of us especially for me - since I work from home.

Conclusion:  Sleep habit is good but can still be improved ;-) mami can make use of more sleep and more nap times!

Social skills
LSP looooves kids.  Kids call LSP's curiority.  The way they talk, the way they walk, run jump.  She would love to touch their hair especially those blondes.  This is funny.  I always tell people that she's probably particularly curious about hair because she doesn't have much... and well, blonde? We now know to whom she's attracted to, I guess? ha. ha.  At the beginning she's very shy around them and around other people in general.  From a far, she loves to say hola or hi/hello in english and then waves her hand energetically.  So when she does this, she'll capture people's attention and they'd come near her to say hello back.  Then she'd run towards me to hide.  It would take her a short while to get used to one person and start clowning around.  What I notice though is that she loves to share or show her things to kids and other people.  Everytime she meets some kids, she'd always give whatever she has in her hand, a cookie or a toy, etc.  There are times that in a park she'd see kids, older kids than her and she'd go near them to offer her toy.  Some kids would ignore her, especially those that are much older than her and are already playing with other kids.  It would often melt my heart seeing my little one walk around after a kid to offer her toy but is just being ignored.  She has this genuine generosity and eagerness for the kid's acknowledgement.  I have nothing against those kids because they are kids and they don't mean to purposely ignore LSP to hurt her or whatever but it still kind of hurt my mommy feelings seeing my baby in this situation.

See,  (getting side-tracked warning) everytime LSP calls for me, i.e. asks for my attention, I always, always attend to her immediately and look at her in her eyes showing her that mami is listening.  If she calls for papi and papi is a bit busy with something else or didn't notice that LSP is calling her, I'd call papi's attention and command ask him to answer LSP.  And it kind of irks me if he sometimes wouldn't notice her calling for him.  Of course he doesn't do this purposely, by golly.  He's always attentive and very affectionate with LSP but anyone can get engrossed with what they're doing and not immediately notice what's happening around them, right?

That's just my overly-protective-on-my-child's-feelings-mami-me.

I've warned that I'm about to get side-tracked, right? Ok, so getting back on her social kills,  contrary to what many people perceive that might happen since LSP is not going to daycare,  I believe she is sociable enough.  Especially to kids.  I don't believe that just because she's staying at home most of the time of the day, she's going to be converted into an introvert and a child incapable of socializing.  A lot of people would comment on me that we have to send her to daycare soon so she can start meeting kids and learn how to socialize.  But see, I'm a rebel mom. I don't believe in this and I prefer her to be near me most times of the days.  I even kind of dreaming to homeschool her even just until 7yrs old.  Here in Spain, homeschooling is not yet very popular and well accepted.  Parents are not required to send their kids up to before 7yrs old... after that, parents can be sued or get trouble from the government.  So, I am considering homeschooling for her pre-school period instead of sending her to pre-school... but with my full time work, I am no sure if I can give her her necessary time for learning.  Although, I don't think a pre-schooler would need hours and hours for learning.  I myself didn't go to pre-school.   I was sent straight to grade 1 and I did fine.  I learned to read around 3-4 with the help of my mom and some comic books.  And I even got first honors straight from grade 1 till grade 6 ::modesty aside...please don't raise an eyebrow on me, I just want to make a point that pre-school is not really necessary for kids to do well in school::  So right now, I am still battling with this.  If I finally decide to do this (with hubby's consent), I may have to prepare myself for thousands of questions and disagreement from the people around us here.  But we'll see... there's still some time to wait.  I'd also have to read more about homeschooling.

So there, the longest post evah! If I have a reader that got up to this part of the post, you deserve a big kiss and hug from me :-D

Happy 15 months mi amor!


  1. wow! i've finished reading your post. =) my son has a baby record book where i document eveything up to 2 yrs. i want to have scrapbook for him but i don't know when i will start. i just started printing his baby pictures. hahaha!

  2. Bilis talaga lumaki ng mga bata! I know someone na nag homeschool ng mga ank nya. mas natutukan nya pag aaral at lumabas na matatalino. Pero siguro depende rin sa mommy na mag ho homeschool kung ano kalalabasan.

  3. Aww, this is so cute! She seems so advanced for her age. She's going to be one smart cookie!

  4. i got teary-eyed at the part where you mentioned she'd offer her toy but get ignored. i can just imagine if it was our little one. as for the dayvare = sociable thing, this is not always true. i still see some kids in the daycare that would rather play by themselves. and even when eidan was not going to the daycare, he has tons of cousins, titos and titas to play with =)

    struggle din namin yung sa language.. we would try to speak to him im tagalog but would end up conversing in english.. haaaay.. asan na ba kasi ang batibot =/

  5. Happy 15th months little SP!
    I think home schooling is good especially when you're wahm/sahm. Ouch! but if you're good at balancing work and time, it will be a success for both of you. Goodluck mommy! take time to decide.

    Btw,the "my heart would skip a beat" part is soooo true. Actually in my case, my heart feels like it jumped out off my chest coz I'm raising a boy who's very energetic and always imitates action hero =)

  6. Time flies by really fast. My daughter is now two months old and laughs at funny faces. I remember the time when she just stares at us when we talk to her. Haha :)

    Coffee With Kim

  7. I recorded everything my first son did in his first year right into a very neat and THICK scrap book. I've yet to finish my daughter's and she's now 4...and I've barely started on my son's who is almost 2. It's good thing to record all this while you can still remember...

  8. I recorded everything my first son did in his first year right into a very neat and THICK scrap book. I've yet to finish my daughter's and she's now 4...and I've barely started on my son's who is almost 2. It's good thing to record all this while you can still remember...and before you start having more children =)

  9. This is quite a long post, I agree! hehe. i read to finish, though. It's always a proud moment for us moms to write and tell about our kids' milestones. It's good that you write it here so you can go back years from now and remember those precious moments :)

  10. masarap talagang alalahanin ang maliliit na achievements ng ating mga bulilit (sinubukan kong isulat lahat sa tagalog para may mabasa ka naman na kakaiba, pero di ko maalala ang tagalog ng "achievement", LOL!)

    hayaan mo tuwing bibisitahin kita , susubukan ko na mag iwan ng komento sa tagalog...nakaka relate kasi ako sa sinasabi mo na nakakaumay gamitin ang ibang wika eh...

    napaganda naman talaga ni LSP at bibong bibo pa!

    salamat nga pala sa madalas na pagbisita sa aking blog...


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