Friday, March 4, 2011

So Mobile

"... I'm all out of control, I'm a mobile..." - that could very well be Little Spnish Pinay singing Avril Lavigne's mobile song.

Ever since she learned how to crawl and pull herself up with the support of furnitures or "our legs", she's unstoppable. She's so eager to go to different places and break explore things. I swear sometimes I can't keep up with her. Now that she has started cruising, she's even more happily mobile. She'd pull herself up with the help of anything and then cruise around. She'd pull herself up with a table, her walker, bouncer, sofa, her big toys and even a box that is her knee-high. And when she knows I'm going to go near where she is or if she sees that I'm following her? She'd go crazy-excited-laughing-squealing and would hurry up even more and she'd look like she'd stumble down and my heart would miss a beat.

She can already stand without support for a few seconds.  I'd let her stand and then slowly let her go.  At the beginning she'd immediately sit down the moment she realizes she's on her own but lately, she would try to balance herself for a few seconds before sitting down to safety.  Then her face would be painted with a proud smile.  Sometimes she would even let go of herself from holding into a support and stand on her own, specially when she needs both of her hands to hold a toy or whatever trinket she'd like to explore.  Then after a few seconds she'd realize she's on her own and would lose her balance or just want to play safe so he would sit down.  My little girl.... she's getting nearer and nearer to toddling.  I get so emotional.  I knowm I know... I'm such a woose.

here's a photo of her standing alone.  the photo has a very bad lighting, I know but I was too much in a hurry to take the photo scared that she'd fall and I'd throw my phone so I can catch her and she won't get hurt :-D  But do you see her satisfied-I'm-such-a-big-girl-now smile? I do! 

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