Monday, March 7, 2011

Best of the Breast: Burning 500 Calories A Day

Remember the drama post I did way back July last year about my skinny jeans?  It was an open letter to my skinny jeans lamenting about not being able to wear them and not knowing when I could ever wear them again.  Yeah, I wasn't too happy about my post-pregnancy body back then and with the baby blues kicking back then, everything was a drama.  

I actually lost the extra weight pregnancy has blessed me with.  I never did exercise.  No, I am not a disciplined person when it comes to doing exercise inspite of the knowledge that exercise is good for everybody and that is a part of healthy way of living.  I guess I am too lazy for that... I get bored and um, tired. Duh.  But then again, just after 4 months of giving birth, I was already back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  The only secret is breastfeeding.  I read somewhere that breastfeeding can help one burn 500 calories a day average.  500 calories to burn is a lot! It's like running at 6 mph or 9.6 kph for 40 minutes!  

No wonder why I've lost all those pre-pregnancy weight in a jiffy, effortlessly.  Almost.  And also, no wonder why I feel hungry every so often.  And I crave for so much sweets especially chocolate.  So while I am still breastfeeding Little Spanish Pinay, I take advantage of its calories burning power and I eat all the junk whatever I want.  I know for sure that once we stop breastfeeding, I would need to be more disciplined and conscious with what I stuff in my mouth.  Not getting any younger, y'all.  With age, comes the slow metabolism.  Drat.

Anyways, so there's another benefit of breastfeeding dedicated to moms.  Burning 500 calories a day (then translates to eating what I want to my heart's content), and all I ever have to do is sit or lie down in bed and cuddle with Little Spanish Pinay.  Life can be sweet and fair, sometimes :-D

No this is not me... just almost. In. my. dreams.


  1. hahaha! before i saw the tiny note below the pic, sabi ko, 'wow! seksi na ni mama lhot!' =D

  2. haha wish ko diba? linis pa ng tyan nyan, walang stretch mark LOL


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