Thursday, March 24, 2011

So She's Turning One

Little Spanish Pinay is turning one pronto! Barely a month to go.  Can you believe how time flies? I can't. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was blogging about our pregnancy and how much I can't wait to see Little Spanish Pinay out in the flesh...and here she is now, just one step away from toddlerhood.  But funny how those hard-moments seem to be like lightyears away from me now... I can barely remember them already.  I do remember them but my heart doesn't seem to remember them much now.  And what's even funnier? My uterus aches seeing this:

Like yelling I want one of that now! Duh.

No, I am not yet ready for another one... not physically.  But my mother hormones (yes, I invented that phrase) seems to go in a manic state everytime I see pictures of new born babies.  My heart explodes with so much emotions wanting to just grab those babies, put my arms around them and protect them from unknown danger in this tough, tough world. 

Anyways, going back... I got side tracked there.  It's just that I am really amused by these sudden strong emotions I get with anything that has to do with motherhood.  I was never a big fan of barbie dolls, or playing mommy make-believes with baby dolls when I was young but when I entered mid-twenties, I think that's when my mother hormones and uterus suddenly woke up and has been pounding me from time to time.  And now that I've really paid attention to them, they just became even more intense.  It's crazy but it gives me a different high.

Side tracked again!  Ok, focus.  I'm talking about Little Spanish Pinay turning one. 

She's turning one, y'all! Can you believe how time flies? I can't.  WAIT.  I've already said that and no, I won't get side tracked again.  First birthday celebration.  That's what I wanted to talk about.  Yes, she's turning one so we want to do something special mark this very important milestones.  It's not gonna be a big party with lots of balloons, kids, parlor games, clowns or mascots, etc.  But it will be a very special celebration with the presence of la familia española and the spirit of la familia filipina plus special participation of some important friends.

Some say it doesn't have to be celebrated big since babies won't even remember them later on.  It doesn't have to be grandous yes but there's also nothing wrong about having grandous celebration for something parents consider to be grandous especially when budget and everything else permits, no? And yes, babies won't remember them later on but there will be pictures and all to later talk about that wonderful and happy celebration when they're older.  In the end, what's really important is not how big and expensive and glamorous the celebration is.  I believe what's important is to have a celebration and make the baby feel very important and be the center of attention of the event.  This can be also one special event where the bond between the baby and the family can be strengthened. The baby becomes more aware of the family around her - the family that would give her protection, love, care, guidance and sense of belongingness.

Bottomline is that whether parents decide to celebrate the first birthday or not, it would be good to at least mark the day as something special in one way or another.  In our case, we'd like to celebrate it with just the family and a couple of special friends.  We're planning to have a simple lunch in a restaurant where Little Spanish Pinay can have a chance to blow her first birthday candle then for her to be able to interact more with friends and relatives and just be the center of attention.  Little Spanish Pinay is a very sensitive and easy to stimulate baby ever since she was teeny tiny so we don't want a lot of activiites that might just overwhelm her too much.

And while this planned celebration is just very simple, quiet and intimate, mami still wanted to make it sound like a partey :-D 

So I am trying to prepare an invitation and a souvenir for the guests.  Both are still work in progress but becasue I'm such a tease, here is the final version of each at the moment.

the invite
I got the idea design from tinyprints  website.  Because I am a frugal mami, I redesigned it myself to fit the celebration we plan.

The souvenir
The souvenir is an espresso cup with an interesting shape from a local store.  I am planning on printing a pop art face of Tala as well on the other side of the espresso cup... still need to pick the ideal photo.

One of hubby's favorites is this:
Of course, just one face is going to be printed per cup...

Thanks to my very bright bestfriend Ayin's idea on how to personalize it myself.   My first time to do this craft and I'm having fun!  Now I just have to think how to wrap the cup and the saucer.  Any idea?

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