Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Is About To Ring!

We can already feel spring! The day is getting longer and temperature is slowly rising.  The leaves in the trees are slowly reappearing.  What's best is that after Spring comes Summer.  Excuse me, while I do my cartwheel.

::uhm, no cartwheel I forgot I don't know how to so I just jumped and twirled::

So Last Friday I had my day free from office work so I went out with Little Spanish Pinay to take advantage of the spring-like weather.  We went to the park nearby where she can play around and meet children.  She was pointing and shrieking at the site of the swing.  That's her favorite.  But both swings were occupied so we went and tried some other areas.

I do not know how this is called but it's like a seesaw but round with 4 seats in it.  She looks like a big girl here already.

I let her "walk" while holding on to the different play areas in the park.  She was excited and very cautious

My little princess looking like a full-blown toddler already.

She was thrilled to meet other kids and wanted to touch them except for this uber cute little guy.  This guy is soo hyper, jumping up and down and yelling like he's the king of the jungle.  He cracked me up.  But not the case for Little Spanish Pinay. She was scared of him.  Silly.

We saw the little boy next door with her nanny.  This little rounded guy was born 2 days before LSP.   LSP liked him and was touching his hand.  Talk about girls making the first move. Hmmm we need to have some mother-daughter serious talk.

Finally she got her chance to fly with the swing. She squeeled, laughed and was utterly happy. 

going back home

We went home both happy and tired.  To my surprise and contentment, LSP didn't asked to be carried. Whenever we go out with her stroller, I always bring my babasling because I already expect her to ask to be carried on the way home - or sometimes even half-way going out.  But this time, my little star just stayed in her stroller reading an advertising pamphlet of Bóboli - store for kids' clothes.  Boy, she loves this pamphlet.  Everytime we go out, she looks for it and holds it like one of her precious property.  She's really cute like that.

We're so ready for Spring to Ring!!

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