Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special and Intimate Celebration

The celebration day has finally came and it has been wonderful.  Relatives and real close friends came to share this special day for Little Spanish Pinay and for hubby and I.   Tala was really happy and I knew she felt really special with all the attention and festive mood around.

The little details that I have prepared over the weeks prior to the celebration day were all woth it of the time and effort.  Most especially the fondant cake that I've forced myself to learn to do, inspite of not having prior experience to baking. 

I like that people loved it and some even asked for the recipe.  Really, really big thanks to my friend Jane for giving me the recipe and attending to my questions :)  and of course to a very special friend of mine Sandra who helped me with the cake decoration.  She's an angel.  An evil one, but an angel nonetheless ;-)

What I love the most about the celebration was that once again, we are able to gather Manuel's family (now my family as well) and just share a special day with them.  Another plus is that we get to see really close friends from across the miles. 

Here are some more special pictures from the celebration

LSP asleep

Can't wait to devour the cake

There she goes enjoying her cake - no holds bar

The whole gang!

And of course the partners in crime.

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