Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kalokang You've Got Snail Mail for the Month of Love

I'm sure many of you have already met this kalokang pinay.  She recently celebrated her one year blog anniversary and relaunched or repurposed (whatever it is called) this contest-sort-of.  By the way, happy anniversary again, mommy Krizzy!

Her enthusiasm and excitement and positivity about this contest-sort-of is really contagious.. so I got myself  promised, I hafta do dis too!

Who doesn't miss getting something via snail mail? Not me uh-ah.  I love receiving snail mails but I got a real problem.  I am extremely lazy busy.  Ok, lazy AND busy.   So I thihnk this is a small way to overcome my laziness and show my busy schedule that I am the boss of me.  Sounds kick ass, yeahy? LOL Anyways, what's really more important is that I want to take part on this positivity and hopefully make 2 or 3 bloggers smile

Before I continue, let me explain what is kaloka in universal language - it's something that makes you crazy in a good way :) That is the correct translation according to Spanish Pinay dictionary vol 1.

Ok, let's go down to the monkey business.  Did I say monkey?  No, I just meant business.  There's no monkey here... just snail.  Snail mail. K?  I know.  Corny.

For the mechanics, please read below.  I just copied and pasted this from Kristeta's blog entry of course and added my thoughts in italics.

1.  Write a blog post announcing that  participating.  
and I say, comment here as well about your intention to participate :)

2.  Copy these rules and the above icon into your post.  
and do not add unnecessary comments like I do. I kid! I kid!

3.  Ask people to comment if they are willing to participate on their own blog.  Sorry, but you MUST have a blog to join in on the snail mail action.
awwww.... no blog? awwwww... sorry I can't think of anything to twist this rule  I promise to update if I come up on something cunning.

4.  Choose a winner (or two or three) from your comments section. You can choose your winners however you like--at random, first comment, whoever lives the farthest--it's your blog, do what you want!
the only thing not allowed is not having any winner at all. duh. 

 5.  Go shopping (or scavenging)!  Pick out items that are easy to mail and cost under $5.  Be thrifty, be creative.  Got something good lying around the house?  Send that!  Mailing your gift to another country or region?  Send a local candy or snack item!  In this case, it really IS the thought that counts.
It's the thought that count.  Very important ;-)

6.  Mail those items to your chosen winner(s), and one to the person who sent you a gift (if you received one).  Send a little note with the gift--show off your (little-used) handwriting!
Since this is MY blog and that I am such a copycat, I am going to take it after mommy Krizzy.  I am not going to require the winners to send me back something especially if the winners chosen will be from overseas (i.e. outside E.S.P.A.Ñ.A)  Just holler somewhere (twitter, or comment here in my blog or on your own blog entry that you already got the gift so I'd know the post office didn't fail :D)

7.  No need to tag other bloggers.  The game will be passed along through the posting of snail mail.

8.  You don't have to be chosen to participate.  If you want to join in the fun but nobody mailed you anything, just start with #1 and away you go!
I really didn't get this (it's 6:30pm here but brain is still not kicking) but I think what I want to add is that it's really more about passing the fun and that "kilig**" feeling of receiving something via snail mail on to others and not much on what do we get in return.  

** ok, to all pinays, can anyone please help me explain what is kilig in English? :-D

My snail-mail prizes will be some cute small tote bags I found from a local store here called Portico.  This store is one of my favorite here. Sometimes they have products from The Philippines.  LSP loves dogs so we really found these ultra cute and functional.  Here are some pictures of 'em.

Aren't they cute?

They're nothing like some coach bags or big valued gifts but I tell you, they from the yours truly's bottom of heart.  They're functional too!  Can be a  cute lunch bag or shoe bag or kikay bag.  Since it's just made of cheese cloth,  it folds really in thin inside your bag so you can bring them anytime and have it handy when you´re doing small purchases on groceries.  Think green, baby!

I am not sure yet how I'll draw the winners... I might just be a full-time copycat and let LSP draw the winning name but I don't think she'll pick one at a time.  I can imagine her just taking a handfull of papers from the container.... so this might not work.  I gotta think of something simple and effective.  I'll update!

I was thinking of drawing the winners on valentines day but I figured it's too close already (coz it took me so loooong to draft this entry - sorry super busy, unorganized mami here) and will not give much time for others to join... so, I'll make this available for the whole month of love.  I shall draw the winners on the 29th of Feb and the winners will be announced the following day.

I'm excited? Yes, I am!

In case no one joins (haha yes, I am THAT negative)... I will still pick some winners from my avid commenters  so then, there's really no more pressure on paying it forward... only if they are willing to give me via private email their addresses.

So there! I am hitting the publish button.


  1. What a cute idea! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    1. I'm a bit nervous but I think nothing will turn out bad from a good will? :-D

  2. Hello sis! Yay!!! I'm so happy that you're doing this. I'm excited for you and for the future winners. They are going to love those tote bags. I love them. I always have one in my big bag - like you said, think green =)

    The No.8 means, if for example 10 people commented to say they want to do this but they were not picked, they could still do so (and I hope they do) =)

    Have fun sis! I'm excited to hear all about it. =)

    I think kilig means shudder or ticked pink =)

  3. dear spanish pinay :) i would love to do this but seems complex yikes or maybe i need more time to read this through.. help!

    1. Dear! it's easy :) ... basically you just announce that you are joining and you want to win one of the items shown. Then if you are picked, you'd do the same as I did here... OR even if you are not picked, you can still do your own snail-mail thing and have fun :)

      I do hope you join! Few more weeks before your visit to the Philippines, right? I'm excited for you!

  4. Such a wonderful idea! I'm definitely joining this. :D I have yet to look for things to send, though. I'll publish a blog post as soon as I have gifts to send out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Okay, this is so out of your comfort zone. I love the idea and those bags are so cute. Because of course, we love dogs too. It's great to meet your sis as well.

    1. Hey Barb! I know, right? So out of my comfort zone... but I'm doing this :-D So, good luck to me ;-)


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