Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are you earning from your blog?

Who doesn't like to be recognized and appreciated? 

Yesterday, I had a short chat (we regularly chat) with a high school friend about blogging.  She asked me if my blog is earning big now. 

I've started blogigng way back 2007 and was ust writing things from time to time for personal journaling and a bit of a past time.  It was never opened to public. Then I created a new blog that chronicles my pregnancy and later on, experience about motherhood and life in general.  Few friends and family read my blog and started to encourage me about putting it for public viewing and advertisers and eventually, probably earn from it.  I was told that there are people who are earning enough just by blogging or writing articles... and it kind of gotten my curiosity.  I've been telling people though that my blog only talks about personal things and personal views and that I do not write articles good enough to get readers and regular traffic.  Plus I wasn't sure if I was ready to put my thoughts out there for public scrutiny. 

Then again, later on, I was encouraged by the idea that I'm not gonna lose anything anyways.  People may not like what I write but what harm would that make?  It may not earn anything at all because no advertisers will be interested in my blog due to not having any decent traffic or becasue I may not have really time for writing regularly or do all the works to get traffic, but then it won't change anything if I am just blogging for personal purposes only.  I would still write whenever I can and whenever I want and with whatever topic goes on top of my head. 

So off I went and jumped on the pool of bloggers out there aspiring to get some extra ka-ching ka-ching for their pocket - without that big hope, though.  I started joining memes and visiting other bloggers and writing in a more frequentl manner.  I've started knowing more bloggers from different part of the world with different niches.  I've enjoyed reading their articles, their thoughts about motherhood or fashion or friendship or writing or God or anything under the sun, their own experiences of the same roller coaster ride I am going through, their rants and raves about life, their humor, their children's annecdotes, etc.  I also enjoy (tons) reading their comments on my articles and from time to time, exchanging emails with them. 

Then it hit me.  What I never expected about putting my blog into public view for initially hoping to get some extra hand on our expenses, is that I will be gaining cyber friends.  Yes, ma'am.  cyber friends.  Call it pathetic but it's nothing pathetic at all to me.  It's nothing like people having a thousand facebook friends but not even exchaging any his and hellos and asking about how's your dog on their facebook wall. This is different.  My cyber bloggy friends dig me.  There's concern and there's friendship and there's acceptance and there's support and there's connection.

In reality, I haven't been doing much on finding advertisers to sponsor my blog or articles or anything like that.  I honestly don't have any idea how to do this.  What I have only done so far is visit other blogs and join memes.  I've earned a significant number of google friend connects and I got a google page rank now and was chosen to be a momcenter partner but I don't know how to move forward after this.  Let's just say I really have no clue on this kind of business - as stupid as it may sound.

Not having a clear vision of the possibility of really earning from blogging, I still look forward to writing more articles and read more blogs.  Ideas kept on pouring for new articles but the extra time a mommy can get keeps on narrowing with the life's demands.  I get giddy everytime I see the small icon on my phone that I have a new comment waiting to be published.  I've forgotten about my real motive for opening my blog to public.

And so going back to my friend's question whether my blog is already earning big?  My answer is a big YES.  I've earned friends!  I'm even looking forward to meet ups on December! How was this thing called back when I was in high school?  Eyeball, was it? LOL.  And this was friendship waiting to bloom was even confirmed by what happened the other day on my blog.  I talked about it here.  And the support and comments  I got just bloated my heart :)

So you guys, thank you once again! Here's to more blogging and more friendship!


  1. Sometimes thinking about how to make your blog advertiser friendly can really take the fun out of blogging...and some blogs just turn into one big ad whore that's lost all personal and human emotions. More power to those who can do both though, me on the other hand, I'm just waiting for a rich uncle to die...just kidding! not really.

  2. i agree with you, we earned cyber friends here and while reading other blogs, we also learn.

  3. @Rachel, i kinda agree. as you know my blog is my personal journal to share my passion and create awareness. I will have a business outside of blogging that will help our charity.. 100% of profit goes to FLAG.However,if it will help with extra income go for it. xox Monica

  4. very true!
    in my case, i m always hesitant to put sponsored ads in my blogpost. i know ayaw yan ng readers ko. i will earn a little, pero mawawalan naman ako ng readers, so wag nalang. besides, i never blog to earn. =)

  5. I agree, it is nice to meet people in this blog world who don't mind sharing snippets of their daily lives through writing! I am happy to know you through blogging!!

  6. That's a nice way of putting it... earning friends through blogging. Money may vanish, but friends, the true ones, will remain :)

  7. I never imagined friends would be gained from blogging, but yes, I have gained true friends too :) And am not earning that much although that's the reason I started blogging in the first place.

    The Twerp and I

  8. Well said! When I started this blog, I thought who on Earth would be interested in reading what I write? I'm not even good at writing! But halfway through the year - I've found friends, learned a lot & travelled as well. I am hoping to be able to eyeball with some of my blogger friends one day, & with you most especially - lapit na lang natin, hehe =)
    Cheers! xoxo

  9. I love all my bloggy friends too! :) Here are a few ideas for you to make money on your blog. I just started doing most of them but have already started to earn a little. :) Yes if you sign up under my referral links it helps me and I would be grateful. No pressure but take a look:

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    Those are just a few ideas to monotize your blog. :) Hope it helps! GOOD LUCK!

    PS...I enjoy reading your blog. :)

  10. I don't have many blogger friends so I would like to pass my application to you hahaha... I've been seeing you commenting to kalokang pinay's and jul's blogs. Today I decided to check out what you have to offer. Now I know what you three have in common, motherhood! Well I'm not a mother but I guess I could learn a thing or two from your blog. So yeah, I'm now one of your followers.

  11. Congratulations sis! SP stepped into next level. I think its very much ok to monetized this blog, or recommend products. Its totally fun to receive products for free and all you have to do was to share/write review, its challenging and rewarding!

    Btw, i wanted to be a momcenter blog partner too, do i need to apply or by admin invites only?

  12. Have no idea how to make money blogging but it's not why I started!! I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers like you and I get a lot of support and encouragement. Patsy from


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