Monday, August 8, 2011

when mami gets possessed with weird ideas...

A month ago, I met this pinay blogger from Kalokang Buhay ng Isang Pinay sa Ukay who lives in UK.  I read one of her blog entry about her son finally sleeping on her own room at age 2.  She was really nice to exchange emails with me and gave me tips.  Not that hubby and I are in a hurry for Little Spanish Pinay to sleep in her own room but it would be nice to know some tips on how to encourage her to sleeping alone.  I don't see it happening really soon though because we are still breastfeeding and we are leaning towards child-led weaning (rhyme not intended).  Co-sleeping is for now the best arrangement for all of us while we are still breastfeeding.

But then this did not stop me from re-arranging LSP's room.  I have converted her crib (the crib was convertible to a single bed, night table and study table) to a normal bed since we don't believe she'll be using the crib ever.  Inspired from my email exchanges with Kristeta, I just laid down a mattres on the floor so "big accidents" like falling off from a bed can be avoided.  See picture below.

Find anything wrong in the picture?  Yeah.... that's a bed standing on its sides instead of well, on its feet.  Reason?  As I've said, I just wanted to lay down her mattress on the floor so she can play around on it, get used to it and avoid falling from it the hard way.  The mattress is really small as it is her "crib" mattress.  I didn't want to buy bigger mattress for the bed just yet since I don't think she'll be sleeping on her bed anytime soon.  I also added some of those kids' mats to cushion the floor in case LSP falls off from the matress.  And since I don't have a space to temporarily store the crib converted to bed, hence the arrangement as shown, there goes the invention. Hubby had a good laugh when he saw this.  He must be thinking "This is what I get from marrying a Filipina... weird exotic ideas... as weird exotic as she is" LOL.

For now, this mattress only serves for her to practice her jumping skills... she loves to jump on top of it and step on and off of it.  In the meantime, hubby and I will continue enjoying our co-sleeping arrangments.  I love it when one day, hubby told me that he's loving the way LSP sleeps with us.  He feels much closer to her everytime and according to him, each night and morning waking up with LSP on the bed is one of the most beautiful moments with her that he will surely miss once LSP already sleeps in her own bed.

Can my husband get any sweeter? 


  1. This is a brilliant idea!!!! Way to get creative mama!! I am sure she loves going in there and playing on her mattress!!
    Both my boys were big until they were 3 years old! I loved it so much and it makes me sad that Addie likes being on her own. I guess she will be an independent woman one day. *Sigh* Thankfully we are still nursing strong after 13 months!!

  2. Awww, he is so sweet. So inlove with you both!

    I breastfed till Poj was 2, & that was when he decided he wanted to sleep in his own room. Ako na nga lang ang sa mga friends ko sa work ang nagpapabreastfeed & co-sleep. But no regrets, he's a happy and healthy boy. Ang your hubby is right, sarap gumising sa tabi ng baby =)

    Thanks so much for the mention ah, humaba naman ang hair ko! But that's exactly how we started - meron din akong mga play mats noon kahit na mattress na lang ang nasa floor! Pinay na pinay!

    It looks like LSP is loving her new room! She's gorgeous =)

  3. i'm starting to have separation anxiety because my son sometimes wants to sleep on his sofabed. so am thinking if he wants his own bed na rin. parang ayaw ko pa, hehe! nililipat ko pa talaga siya sa bed namin pag nakatulog na siya sa sofabed niya.

  4. yan ang pinay, maabilidad talaga! ur such a smart mommy!

    ako siguro since maliit lang haus namin unlike urs eh talagang i have no choice but to co-sleep with our li'l man for more years to come, ok lang din nman samin hehe.

    when he grows up i bet hihiwalay din nman sya matulog kasama namin, kaya i'm just enjoying it while i still can. ^_^

  5. that's sweet..

    Naku sis these days nasa sahig na rin mattress namin at sa sahig na kmi natutulog tatlo kc sobrang likot na ni Xye at baka mahulog mahirap na..

    thanks for the visit..:)

    36 Weeks After

  6. Thanks for the sweet words mahal ko! :-)

    I am already starting to miss her sleeping with us, and I am so sure I will remember so fondly for the rest of my life all the nights that we got to spend together the three of us. Once we have the next one, we should sleep together the four of us! :D bonding to the max!

  7. so clever :)
    enjoy co-sleeping while you can. before you know it, your baby is going to be a lady.

  8. mas mganda yan kung sa banig na lng..LOL
    Pinoy na pinoy di ba?ang tanong may banig ba dyan..
    Ang sweet ni papa manuel!kainggit nman...

  9. i'm back here sis.. thanks for visiting me back :-)

    yes, i also manage yung caloy na blog.. it was named after an old friend.. i hope u will visit it too as often as u can :)

    cute baby by the way..


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