Monday, August 15, 2011

A Mama's Chant

I always remember my mom... and especially now that I'm already a mom myself,  every nitty-gritty things I do or see around me, reminds me of my mom.  From time to time, I even feel like I here my mom calling me with my real name on top of her lungs.  She used to do this every morning when I was a student to wake me up for the nth time.  For a split of second, I'd feel like I travelled time - back when I was still young and with my family in the Philippines.  

Then it'll bring me back to remembering my mom's favorite chants especially when she gets mad.  I must admit I was handful when I was young :-D

Here are the two of my favorites:

Noong maliit pa kayo, hindi ko man lang kayo pinadapauan sa langaw.  Ngayon pinababayaan nyo ang kutis nyo! 
 Translated to:  When you were still small I didn't allow not even a fly to land on you.  Now you are not taking good care of your skin!

She would tell this to us every time we get bruised or scratches from whatever - from playing or from doing anything.  She was very meticulous when it comes to our skin care.   She'd always brag on our relatives that no one would think that we are daughters of the poor because our skin is like that of a porcelain - you know how mothers exaggerate about praising their kids.  I remember one time, I playmate was trying to pull me down from a swing (because he wants his turn) and pulled me on one of my legs.  He fell backwards because my leg was too slippery with the amount of lotion my mom applied on me.  That was embarrassing for me and funny for my playmate as he fell on his bottom.

Saan ka nanaman naglamyerda, amoy-araw ka nanaman at ang buringot mo parang niluwa ng sawa! 
Translated to:  Where did you roam around this time?  You smell like the sun and your hair looks like it was swallowed and spat out by a big snake!

I always wonder if she has really ever seen a snake literally swallowed someone and then spat it out to make this kind of statement.  And smelling like a sun?  Who has ever smelled sun?  I guess amoy-araw is kind of a Filipino idiom that means someone smells like he has been under the sun for a long time.  When I was in grade school, I love to sneak out during nap time and play in the street.  I especially love to play those street games, running around the street barefoot - tumbang preso, patintero, agawan-base, taguan, luksong-tinik, sipa and a lot more!  And everytime I come home all sweaty and tired and dirty, my mom would start this chant.  Mad of course.  

I'm just all the more kind of sentimental about my mom right now as she is going to undergo an operation this coming Tuesday.   I kept on thinking about her and I very much would like to be with her on that day.  Doctors found out she has some type of biliary sludge on her gall bladder and they wanted it to be removed asap.  I forgot the complete medical term, though.  Although the operation is going to be simple and fast according to the surgeon, I still can't help but get worried.  The difficulty of being oceans away from family...

At the time of this writing, my mom is already admitted in the hospital for some tests.  She'll stay there to get ready for tomorrow's operation.  She'll be needing 3-4 days recovery.  I know everything will be fine as God is always with her and that there are tons of people praying for her.

With this note, I'd like to ask everyone to also offer a little prayer for my mom's successful operation and quick recovery.  Thank you in advance!

I never thought I'd miss her nagging :)


  1. I hope and pray that your mom has a successful and quick surgery =) She sounds exactly like my mom when I was younger, but because of my mom I was never the "stinky" kid in class since I was always clean, cologned and baby powdered from head to toe =)

  2. Sis! Removal of gall stones, especially if it's laparoscopic is a minor surgery. The surgeon will just make 2 incisions (about an inch long each), one as entryway for the laparoscope (some sort of camera) and the other for the instruments. my father and mother-in-law underwent the same surgery, and they both were out of the hospital in 3 days.

    Don't worry sis. ;) Everything will work out fine. Praying for her!

  3. I will also pray for you mother. she looks young. =)

  4. Praying for her quick recovery...

    Exactly, we never thought that we'll missed all the nagging and by then annoying blah...blahs...
    As for me, as i arranged our bedsheet, she always slipped in my mind. Before kc i always sneaked in their room enjoying their queen size bed and was always told na "ayusin ang bedsheets" in which i'll replied "magugulo din naman, over & over, bakit pa?"

    And now is my time to arranged the sheets over & over,(i never thought how disgraceful i was) =P

    True enough, we realized every little thing she did for us, when we become mothers and bound to gone through all the head/heartaches we had given to her, ryt?

  5. aww... i will pray for you mom's fast recovery.

  6. Praying for your mom.
    Sis, ang ganda ni mommy mo. =)

    Choose Happiness

  7. Thank you ladies! Thank you for all the prayers. My mom is currently recovering right now. I'll do a separate post about the details.

    @Joy - you're very right. when we were in grade school, teachers always commend us about our proper grooming and we were always called the A+ child :-D But of course, we never appreciated this when we were young hehe.

    @Vanenie - that's what we were told too that it'll be a minor surgery.

    @michi - she just turned 57 exactly a week ago :-D Kikiligin yan for sure pag sinabi ko she looks young hehehe

    @Einz - totoo diba? now that we are parents ourselves we get to understand our own parents better. I guess it's the rule of life :)

    @Nuna - thanks Nuna! Sabi nila kamukha ko daw ang mama ko. CHOS! :-D


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