Saturday, August 6, 2011


.... that's talkative in English.   Little Spanish Pinay is developing into a very talkative girl.  And we love it.  She cracks me up whenever she tries to seemingly tell stories or explain things.  Nothing is understable but she's fierce and determined.  It was funny one time when she started blabbering a long and winding story and her grandfather overheard it.  He was amused by the talkativeness and asked me if she was talking in Tagalog.  I told him, to knowledge, it wasn't in Tagalog as I didn't understand a word she said.  We all had a good laugh.

Below are two videos I took while she was looking at herself in the mirror and just started talking with herself. The cuteness was overflowing I could have just eaten her up!!

Any idea what she has just been saying?


  1. oh.. so cute! by the way, thanks for sharing a new word, parlanchina..

    do you mind checking out on On Expensive Toys?

  2. so that is parlanchina the videos so cute .. Visiting you back :)

  3. hahahah! i love you LSP..she says..ganda?! ahahaha! i love her when she noods while staring at herself. pa-kiss nga..mmmmmwaaah!

  4. Haha, she is so cute! I love it when kids do that.

  5. LOL! She really is getting chatty :D After Little Bit finally got up and started walking the words have started to come pretty quickly. He is so cute when he squeaks out "Thank You." It just melts my heart <3

  6. OMG! She's sooo adorable =) She is just too precious for words! ❤❤❤

    BTW, dito ko na lang sagutin ung comment mo.
    Yup madaming Pinoy dito sa Southampton, though kami lang dito sa neighborhood namin. Ang hirap din sis, dko ata ma-imagine na walang maka-usap ng tagalog. Buti na lang may blog, hehe. But on the bright side, your little one would grow up multilingual! That'll be impressive =)

  7. I believe she's telling herself that she's pretty. Haha! You're such a sweetheart LSP!

    Parang she nodded in agreement when you asked her kung Tagalog ba yung sinasabi niya. Haha

  8. Haha! Why didn't I see this before? Ang cuuute! I think she said "Mommy, this girl in the mirror is very pretty. and this girl is me." haha! Ang cute cute mo LSP! Gigil ako sayo! =)


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