Sunday, August 28, 2011

The pinkish salt and the beginning of a controlled diet.

So hubby's blood analysis revealed he has a very high bad cholesterol (again) and his good cholesterol went down.  Doctor asked him to be on a controlled diet otherwise, he'd be back with medication.  And we don't want that.  I guess it's about time for us to become even more conscious of what we eat.  

We are both meat and seafood lovers but meat is just more convenient to prepare so meat is scoring more than seafood.  But now, we've decided to do a little more effort on having more seafood at home.

Last night, we got some smoked trout and I cooked it a la plancha.  Also? I tried this Himalayan salt that's been intriguing me for quite some time now.  We've seen this in a supermarket and wanted to try it out but we didn't know if it is used for special recipes or what.  So I just tried it with the trouts.  The result is really nice and it did add some flavor which I can't quite distinguish.  I must say though that it also has a special smell that's not very enticing at the beginning.  When I applied it on the trouts before cooking it, it made the fish smell verrry fishy.

I was kind of worried it'll have a negative effect on how the fish would taste but it turned out otherwise.  

Himalayan salt

a closer look....
it has pinkish crystals and some off whites and some distinct smell.

Later on I've found out that there are amazing benefits himalayan salt can give.   I haven't really done any major research about the authenticity of this but I was able to read a number of health pages raving about the benefits of Himalayan salt.  If the things they say is true about himalayan salt then I am more than glad I have discovered this.  Although so far, the pages I've read talking about this salt's benefits are those that are selling them, so you know, marketing can be a little on the exaggerated side.

Dinner served.

But one things for sure.  The dinner was enjoyed.  Even the little one ate her portion.


  1. himalayan salt? hmm... that's a curious. i wonder if it's available anywhere here.

  2. Yummy! I love salt huh? Interesting. I wonder if it comes in blue (my favorite color)

  3. Never heard of it. Thanks for the intro. Your fish dish looks delicious. :) so are there certain seafood that are better for your hubby?

  4. I had fish yesterday, I can never get enough.
    I have never heard if Himalayan salt...

    You can get little Pinay to eat fish? I need your secret.



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