Friday, August 5, 2011

..I don't feel like doing anything

Bruno Mars in the background...

For a week, I was tired.  No. Exhausted.  And everytime I had some few minutes free time, I just wanted to fall flat on the bed, arms stretched and stare at the ceiling.

I could have very well taken an ultra short nap but I couldn't.  My body's pleading for a long break time but my mind's nagging over me knackered body to keep on moving, telling me to move my butt as there was so much to do.  There was so much my mind wants me to do.

Our windows badly need cleaning.  I need to cut my toenails.  Have I given Little Spanish Pinay her afternoon snack?  Where is she by the way.  Ah yeah, she's also on the bed above my head with her battered book.  I hope she stays quiet a little longer.  That bathrooms need scrubbing.  My dining table is missing.  Oh, I have two wall clocks to hang on the wall... what wall?  I hate drilling on the wall... can there be any other option for this? The groceries... I have no space to store them on.  Drat, we badly need more kitchen storage.  When would they ever put that beautiful china cabinet on sale? My timesheet... I forgot to do my timesheet again. And the weekly status report.  Monday, I'll do these on Monday.  God, thank you it's almost wekeend.  Weekend... man alive, I'm on-call support over the weekend! Please don't let any page come in my support phone.  My phone.  Let me get my phone so I can at least do my regular blog reads.  Blog. When was the last time I have posted something on my blog? I have to write something... or I'll be losing my readers. No, stop. No obsessing over blog.  Remember it's just your outlet.  Can't make this as another daily task.  I have way too many tasks already.  What's for dinner... I'm craving for Filipino-style spaghetti ala Jollibbee.  Dinner's decided then.  Oh no, we don't have ground beef. Bah.  I'll think about dinner later.  There's an ant crawling on my ceiling.  What the heck is it doing there... did LSP throw food on the ceiling? Nah, that is not possible.  Just close those swollen eyes  and nap, Spanish Pinay!  No you can't nap, the little girl might wander.  Well then, just close the damn eyes and put your radar up high.  Eyes closed.  One hand on the feet of Little Spanish Pinay so I'd know when she moves.
Something's pulling my hair.  Someone's pinching my nose?  And I got a kiss on my nose.  Or a lick.  I swear she just licked me.  My Little Spanish Pinay just licked my nose and as I opened my eyes, she burst out laughing.  I have just been energized. 

And the tickles and rolling over the bed started.

And that was practially my everyday last week - busy and knackered.  At the end of the day when everything's already quiet I would try to encourage myself to face the laptop and continue on those blog posts I have drafted but then I didn't feel like doing anything... so I'd normally just slump on the sofa and watch some favorite series with a cup of mint tea on one hand... .and probably a chunk of chocolate on the other hand. 

I missed writing though and I missed my regular blog reads.  Today should be a quiet day and at night, I hope I could sneak some time to do my regular blog reads.  That is right after Little Spanish Pinay is tucked in bed, sleeping soundly.

Spanish Pinay and Little Spanish Pinay saying hello to everybody and wishing for a good and restfull weekend!

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. OMG! I can sense your stress. I do that sometimes too- Just hold the kid's shirt or feet while I try to get a shut eye for a few minutes hehe. Well, you need a rest or a break. Motherhood is really overwhelming. Happy weekend! :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! So real,, and I've been there so many times...
    I hope you're feeling better and I love your outfit and SHOES in this pic!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Hay naku ganyan naman yata talaga lahat ng tao, may time na ayaw kumilos. Ako nga minsan tinatamad mag trabaho. lol! Gusto ko lang nakahiga at manood ng movies.

  4. I absolutely despise concrete walls. Every time you want to hang something you can't just take a nail and a hammer, you need the drill, the drill bit, the extension cord...and I won't even mention the clean up afterwards. Blah...that's why everything is taped to our walls =P

  5. I was wondering where you were!! Glad to hear your back! Life is crazy!

  6. @March on - nakaka-overwhelm talaga.. lalo na pag gusto mo gawin lahat diba.. magpakasupermom ba.

    @anney - kung pwede lang no, ganyan all the time, higa, tv, kain hehehe

    @Rachel Joy - you said it! then if for any reason you have to remove whatever you hung on the wall, ayan, may mark na!

    @Daisy - I knew you were looking for me :-P Thanks for dropping by! how's the wedding prep going on?

  7. @NotSoSilentMommy - thanks for dropping by. It's a joy to see your comments on my blog :) yeah, what mommies go through, right?

  8. happy weekend sissy! LSP is such a power booster. hahaha!

  9. this is what i feel during rainy days. parang nadrain ang energy ko and i don't want to do anything.

  10. Haha! I love the way you wrote it!
    Ang dami nating dapat gawin no? Nakaka stress! Buti nalang may babies na pang energize! =)

  11. @lelay - yeah, LSP sucks out my energy and then gives it back twofolds :)

    @michi - yeah, we do reach our body's limit many times.

    @Nuna - thanks ; Nuna. Those little hands and big laughters are really the most effective energizers :-D

  12. I also sometimes don't feel like doing anything. Daydreaming becomes such an appealing prospect then. And then, you start worrying about your responsibilities as a mom... Dream is over, time to wake up!


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