Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneaky Veggie

I was a picky eater when I was young.  All my siblings are in general.  My mom's fault.  What was more important for her back then was that we are able to eat.  She's not the type the type that lets us NOT eat our meal IF we'd say we don't like veggeis.  Or not allowing us to leave the table until we finish each grain of rice and each strand of the greens that we have in the plate.  On one hand, this is good as eating shouldn't be posed as an obligation and never as a punishment.  Children should enjoy every meal time.  I do not believe either on forcing a child to finish his plate because mommy or daddy says so.  It will make every meal time an agony for the children.  On the other hand though, perhaps some extra effort can be done so we could have gotten used to the taste of the vegetables.  You know, a little bolahan here and there.  It all depends on getting used to it. 

Then again, things didn't turn out that bad as I am a big veggie eater now (although I love my veggies to be accompanied by some meat too :-D big veggie eater, bigger meat eater har har).   Being a picky eater lasted on me until around high school.  Then slowly my curiosity on food became stronger and then I've become fond of veggies.  I love amplaya or bitter gourd.  I love okra.  I love to try different food.  I also love discovering different tastes.  Right at this moment, I can't think of any veggie that I don't eat - ah! the white asparagus especially the canned ones! ack.

Now that I'm already a mom myself, I try to incorporate vegetables as much as  I can on Little Spanish Pinay's meals.  She's showing interest on some but hating others.  What I am learning myself now is to add these healthy veggies on her/our meal ::her meal is normally our meal too:..  My favorite sneaky way of adding veggies to our meals is by shredding carrots.  I add shredded carrots on omelets and other different recipes.  Below is one of my favorites and recent discovery:

This is pasta with zucchini (chopped finely), shredded carrots and bacon.  And then topped with eggs and milk.  Finally, covered a little with freshly grated cheese.  In this picture, I used a semi-cured cheese from lamb's milk.  But I am sure it'll be as exquisite with a parmesan or emmental as well.

Just a neat idea I came to think that I'd like to share to mommies out there especially those with picky eaters :)


  1. what a great idea to make kids eat veggies. i will share this to my sister, her kids hate veggies too. maybe this will do the trick.

  2. If there was an award for the pickiest eater, my daughter would win it, hands down! That dish is a good idea. I will try it, and hope my daughter likes it. thanks :)

  3. Thanks for coming by, ladies!

    @Marj - (can I call you that? :-D) - she can also use spaghetti. Kids tend to enjoy this part more than any other :)

    @The Pepperrific Life - It's really tough to find a variety of meal for picky eaters. I hope your daughter would enjoy this recipe too :)

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks so much!
    Both of my girls are such picky eaters, but they come by it naturally, my hubby still won't touch most veggies!!
    I wonder if I could fool him with this recipe as well? lol

  5. i guess most kids are picky eaters, lol!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Mommy's Files?

  6. looks yummy :)
    first time to visit here.. i hope u can visit my blogs too.. u got a very interesting blog..

  7. Yup I sneak veggies in spaghetti or omelet. I never ate veggies when I was a child. My Mom let me eat what I like too :)

  8. I'm a picky eater until now. I'm gonna try that on myself. Lol!

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