Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It was a success, thanks to our faithful God and his wonderful timing and guidance.


I wrote about my mom going through a minor surgery so remove a dark substance that was covering her gall bladder and thus, not allowing doctors to see whether she has stones or not.  As I've said, my mom has been complaining about stomach ache from time to time and there are times that the pain is really intense.  We've been asking her to have this looked at but once the pain goes away she'd tell us it was just nothing.  Good thing that the last time she experienced the pain again, we were able to persuade her to go to the doctor and get throughly checked.  Monday last week, she went to the doctor and right there and then, they did an ECG for her. The following day, she got the result and was told about the substance covering her gall bladder and that they couldn't see if she has stones or not.  She was asked to meet the surgeon on Thursday and the doctor confirmed she'd need to undergo laparoscopy soon.  Monday she was admitted at the hospital and today, the D-day.

I really thank technology as my family were able to update me with every progress of the whole procedure.  I was really on the edge the whole time inspite of knowing that this is just a minor surgery.  I had knots on my tummy the whole time holding my phone all the time waiting for my sister or papa to send me a message how everything went.

It was a success.  And was just right on time before my mom gets any more complication.  It turned out that my mom's gall bladder has been really bad for at least 5 years already.  It was already rotting to be precise.  It's size has quadrupled and changed from the normal green to a swollen rotting red.

This is a picture of a healthy/normal gall bladder.
source: google image

and this is my mom's. I have no word.

the gall stones or what just remained of 'em

Not only that the gall bladder was swollen and rotting already but it was overloaded with gall stones.  Too many of them that the surgeon had to stop taking them one by one and just use a sucking tool.  He was so relieved that no gall stones went out the gall bladder as otherwise, they'd need to search and remove any of the stones that gone haywire.  This will make things more complicated for my mom and for the doctors.  There was something that blocked the passage on the gall bladder and held all the gall stones inside.  I do feel like this is His work.  Whatever that thing that blocked the gall's passage, thank you!

While my sister was explaining to me everything, I couldn't bear it. I vomitted. I couldn't stomach what I just saw and what has just happened and what could have happened hadn't my mom listened to us and get checked.  The tension, the nervousness and then the image just gotten into me and I got sick in the stomach.

So everything went fine although we got a bit of a bad news.  The doctor said that mama's liver is in a bad shape and needs to be cured asap otherwise, it may lead to cirrhosis.  Doctor said that mama has a fatty liver and thus would need medication to correct this.  Cirrhosis is a big word and kind of alarming.  So I am really praying for a positive turn over.  Extend your prayers for me mama, will you?  Thank you!!!

I purposely set the pictures in the smallest size possible so they won't come out too strong for those who have sensitive stomach like me.  Yeah, I am no good on these things... that's why I ended up as IT and away from medical field.


  1. It's a good thing that your mom listened to you & went to see the doctor. And great that a miracle happened, coz I think that's what it is. Miracles do happen everyday & I'll be praying for your mom & everyone in your family =)

  2. your mom is like my husband, he doesn't want to go to hospital when something is wrong with his body and he always says, he's fine. pero paranoid ako sa ganito kasi both side ng family nila, puro may sakit. her sister died last year because of cancer and her other sister has gallstones too, pero la rin ginagawa. :(

    cirrhosis is really alarming, i'll include her in my prayer. =)

  3. Thanks God, all is well =)

    Sis, we're on the same field,hehe. My mother suggested to take up nursing, but i know i can't, just seeing blood makes me weak and i can't acutally look straight on open wounds.

    Though i'm not as good in programming ek,ek... i'm thankful enough to appreciate AS400 and provide IT assistance. (*wink)

  4. good thing i'm not squeamish! anyway i'm happy to hear that the operation was a success. i will continue praying for her recovery.

  5. Oh no, why did I even look at those pictures :). You warned us...
    It's good that your mom is out of harm's way now. I hope she continues to get better. I pray that your whole family stays strong.

  6. Salamat sa dyos at ok na yun operation ni tiya kaya nawindang ako about sa liver nya..yun cirrhosis sana lahat mkuha pa sa mga gamot.
    Kaya ikaw umiwas ka na din sa mga tsitsirya..maalat mga yan!!!

  7. Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hope ma correct agad yung fatty liver nya through medications.

  8. hoping for her quick recovery..
    and also yung prob with her liver sana maging ok na din..

    nice blog u got here.. i hope u can visit my blog too.. :)

  9. The power of prayers can move mountains....God is good all the time. Let us affirm that your Mama will be totally healed..

    I am supposed to take up Nursing with my barkadas, but I was the only who was not able to enroll ti Nursing and eventually I landed in ECE - reason I am so afraid of blood and I cannot take looking at internal organs :(

  10. i only read this now because when i saw your warning, i kind of got scared. (Nagb blackout kasi ako when I see blood or something like this. buti niliitan mo pix.) But, I really wanna know how the operation went so.. Thank God it went well. Will include your mom in our prayers pa rin. God is good. =)

    Choose Happiness

  11. Happy to know that her surgery was success hoping for your mom quick recovery .. God is good talaga.

  12. Will add your mom to my prayer list. Those who hope in the Lord will never be disappointed!!!

  13. Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers!

    By the way, thank you for the comment message...I miss your blog and sorry..I was busy but I'm back now:)

  14. So happy for your mom's successful surgery. God will not disappoint those who trust in Him. Hoping that your mom's liver condition will be better soon :)

  15. Glad your mom is fine! Praying for her liver condition! God bless po!

  16. So glad it was so successful. Praying for a speedy recovery. Hello I am a new GFC fan sent on over from Voiceboks. Please visit me back when you have time at My-2-Cents

  17. Thankful for a successful surgery. Praying for a quick recovery for your mom and many fruitful years ahead for your family!

  18. Oh my goodness, I was going through your post and those pics are amazing, very vivid. But I hope your mom is doing okay. My prayers and blessings to you.

  19. hoping and praying for your mom's recovery..

  20. by the way, i have an award to make you smile on http://www.themiscme.info

  21. speedy recovery for your loving mom..sorry very late comment.


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