Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 More Weeks

... and Little Spanish Pinay will be officially one and belonging to toddler section!   I'm such a broken record with this toddlerhood thing, ain't I?  Well, women when converted to a mother becomes a broken record.  That is given.  It comes with natural human development.  Charles Darwin said that.  Ah, no?  I swear I thought he did!

Anyways... back to LSP turning one.  I've finished printing the invitations and in fact some of them have already been sent.  Here's the finish product:
not bad, eh?  I couldn't find better envelops but these are ok.

And the souvenirs... aren't bad themselves either... here are some shots of the finish product:

complete presentation

Name and date of birth

funny face of Little Spanish Pinay

We've also kind of chosen the venue and it's a really nice place with a good view of the beach...

O Castro Restaurant in Valdoviño
What about the cake?  I wanted a simple and small fondant cake but we couldn't find a place or a person that would be able to what we like... not even the restaurant.. so we might just settle with an individual cake that will the restaurant can prepare and then we'll find something so LSP can have a small cake where we can place a candle for her to blow.  So, the cake is still a question mark but I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something.

I am getting excited about the celebration although it's really going to be a very intimate and quiet.  I'm excited to gather the small family we have here in Spain and for LSP to devour a whole cake just for her.   And this day is going to mark the start of every wonderful year that we'll be looking forward with this cute little star in our lives.

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