Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleep? Thanks, but no thanks, mami!

Before sleep rituals at night is becoming more fun and uhm, longer with Little Spanish Pinay.  She tries to make it longer and longer so probably mami would forget about sleeping at all and she can just continue playing and clowning around.

We'd spend lots of time reading and re-reading and re-reading her books over and over.  Then as if trying to shoo away her sleepiness, she invented a new game.  She'd stand in the bed, pretend she's losing her balance and would suddenly fall off on purpose.  Or while seated, she'd suddenly fall on her back then roll over and bury her face in the bed or between pillows and bed sheets.  With matching soft slow screams as if falling from 40th floor while doing these silly things. 

Last night we had another one of those long sessions of putting her to sleep and here are some of her pictures clowning around.

This is her new favorite pose lately.

Everytime the flash starts to go off from the camera, she automatically puts on this funny face

I think at the beginning the flash made her blink and she saw that this make us laugh so now she does it every. single. time.

I was quick enough here to catch her in her semi-normal face

Sorry for the poor quality, I was trying to not use the flash but you see, it still didn't work. 
 All I got is a silly-open-mouthed-face

Here she has just "fallen" from a seating position.  She's really sleepy but really trying to put it off.

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