Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Early Attempts for Potty Training

I've read some articles about infant potty training and while I believe in it, it's something that is a bit far-fetched for me considering that I have a full time work and can't attend to Little Spanish Pinay every minute of the day to watch her signs.  Not to mention that I love the idea and I find it pretty amazing.  Once again it shows how babies at their very young age shows that they are capable of communicating.

We are not really potty training LSP now but we've been doing things that we believe can help her to be potty trained as early as she can.  One is when we decided to use cloth diapers.  They said that using cloth diapers help babies potty train as babies or toddlers gets more aware of the wetness and discomfort and gets more motivated to use the bathroom.  We're doing mix though - i.e. we still use disposable diapers for going outside and at night.  Between work, household chores, taking care of LSP and convenience when we are not home, we can't just completely abandon disposable diapers no matter how much we'd want to. 

Anyways, another thing is that lately, since weather is getting nicer, LSP goes around the house diaperless.  That is right.  She'd have accidents, naturally but that's OK.  We just clean up and period.  one reason we do that is because I'd like her to feel free and be more comfortable (breeze in the butt, baby!) around the house.  This also helps her be more aware of the idea that she's urinating.  She gets more aware of how she'd feel prior to the act, then she'd see what's actually happening and what is done after that.  I'd also try to observe her behavior and try to understand whatever signs she may have when she's about to go.  And then I'd try to ask her if she wants to go and then we'll go to the bathroom and then I'd make a wisssss wisss sound.  To my surprise, once, she did go.  I was so happy and kept congratulating LSP.  She was happy and seemed to be proud too.  She doesn't go everytime I do that but there are a few times that she actually did go.  Somteimes I notice her looking down there and trying to touch it.  So I take it as a sign.  Once she also kind of suddenly shrugged like she felt some goosebumps and I took it as a sign too.  Needless to say, everytime I see her doing something out of the normal, I try to take it as a sign and send her to the bathroom. 

There was even one time that she pooed.  It has been 2 days since the last time she pooed and while we were playing I notice her suddenly became quiet.  I scooped her up and proceeded to the bathroom.  I put her in a squatting position while I carry her and made uhhhhhhm-uhm sound and what do you know, she pooed!

Today is the biggest improvement.  All through the night, she didn't pee.  Whe she woke up in the morning, after our morning kisses and tickles, I removed her diaper and noticed that it wasn't wet at all.  And she slept for 11 hours!  So I took her to the bathroom and made wisssss wissssss sound and without waiting too much, she pee'ed happily.  And quite an amount, by the way!

It's just too bad that I can't really be 100% with her to monitor her signs so we can go to the bathroom.  As little as she is, I know she does little sign to tell mami that she needs to go or poo and all I need is to religously follow that sign for her to become more confident with herself in terms of telling me when she needs the bathroom.  So while I work, we have accidents at home and it's really no biggie.  All my siblings and I never used diapers neither and accidents at home with babies is just normal.  At the same time, we're not really in a hurry for her to be potty trained.  We just do what we can little by little. 

And what I like the most is that LSP seems to be enjoying this diaper-less thing.  You should see her squeal while walking and playing around the house.  The sweetest thing.

And precisely just now, after waking up from her nap, we went to the bathroom again and she pee'd and poo'ed.  This is looking good.

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  1. I too am having trouble potty training! When I put my son on his "throne", he stops himself from pooping :(


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