Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank You For The First Wonderful Year

It's been a year my little one, since the first time papi and I laid our eyes upon the most beautiful thing in the world.  And do you know what that is? You, my little one.  You looked so tiny and fragile the first day we met you, the first time we held you in our arms and kissed you tenderly and smelled your breath.  The moment I heard you cry as doctors have pulled you out from my tummy, I said to myself that that is the sweetest cry I have ever heard in my entire life.  It was so sweet and warm that has made my heart burst with so much emotion and pure bliss.  I can still remember how your breath smelled and your supple cheek felt against mine.  I wanted to hold you and put you in my chest for you to feel mami at once and let you know how much you are loved ever since but I wasn't allowed to, due to the circumstances but I hope I have compensated that with all the hugs and carresses and kisses and cuddles we've been doing all this one year of being together.  And I promise you, there will be more to come as the days and months and years would pass by... as long as you would allow me to.

And I want to thank you, my little star, for coming into our lives.  For giving us joy, for letting us feel how much you love us back, for your affection, for your kisses, for your laughter, for teaching us to become more patient and selfless and giving and grateful and faithful, for making us strive to become better persons, and for everything that you are. 

It has been a very wonderful year full of emotions and a big roller coaster ride.  It has been a big challenge and test  for both of us your parents but at the same time, it has been very rewarding in an unmeasurable way. It has been full of tears and and laughters and dreaming and muscles aching and cuddling together and dark circles around the eyes and happy shreaks.  Most of all, it has been full of love - given and received even shared not only between the three of us but with all the family both nearby and across the miles.  We are looking forward to more of these every year.  And for all these,  I am forever grateful to the Almighty that has given you to us... more than ever. And I know, He's proud of you because you are a good daughter of him and will be even more as you grow.

Happy birthday, my dear Little Spanish Pinay.  We love you from the very moment we have asked for you until beyond forever.  Remember that always.


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