Sunday, April 10, 2011

Because I'm Already a Mom

I'm flipping.  Suddenly I have this urge to learn how to bake.  Must be because I'm already a mom? I dunno.  But I've never been big with baking.  I cook, yes but bake? I just always felt that it's beyond my powers.  The terms are overwhelming and I feel like this requires precision, skill and talent.  To which I fail in all three of them.  Cooking is different... coz I think I can always "invent" something or estimate the ingredients and it will still turn out good.  But with baking, if you miss an ingredient or do a mix instead of a fold then, your to-be-baked goods will be bound to doomsday.  Then there's skill and talent.  Mixing and folding are different and sometimes it feels like they are not just simple mixing and folding.  It has to be in a certain right way and my hands just feel like 2 left foot dancing samba and rhumba.  

Then again I do need to conquer that fear.  I just need to.  My mami-inside-voice is commanding me to.    And so I am going to try.  I will try to learn even just the basics of baking.  For Little Spanish Pinay.  So, I bought myself a cheap-o hand mixer to start with.  Our trusted Lidl has this offer this week and I took advantage of that.  15$ for a hand mixer.  Not bad I guess.  I'll probably start buying some baking tools little by little, i.e. everytime I see a good offer (sale, baby! remember, frugal?).  And then prolly, after some years, and I get the hang of baking and I can already bake something I can already proudly offer to people other than my husband and Little Spanish Pinay coz it actually tastes good then maybe just maybe I'd save up for a Kitchen Aide, eh?

In the meantime, my cheap-o hand mixer will do :)

And to prove than I am no good with baking, I'm showing a photo of puto I did.  It's not a baked product but the preparation and all is similar to baking.  And surprise, I failed.  Miserably.  

futile attempt to baking...

But this mami Spanish Pinay is not yet giving up.  I'm not throwing in the towel just yet coz this is just the start!

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