Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So I Baked!

...A cake! With fondant icing! Is that even legal??

Didn't I say I'm gonna learn how to bake? Well yes ladies and gentlemen I actually did try so this is not just one of those I-wish-I-could-but-I-never-tried usual song of people like me who's most of the times just stop from daydreaming and never really take actions.

And what can I say, It was not easy at all!! I don't understand baking terminologies and I never tried baking in my entire life...just once when I was in high school during our home economics class. We baked a banana cake! But that doesn't count coz that was a group effort and all I did was mashed the bananas. I love group works! Oh! Talking about banana cake... I think I tried it again last year and well, it was nothing especial but yes, edible. So, I was lying... I actually I have baked at least once in my life and on my own. But still it wasn't a decent baking effort so I am not counting that as an experience and then even with that, I am still counted as a novice in baking.

But then I'm lucky enough I have a long-distance friend, Jane, who patiently tutored me on step by step of cake baking and fondant creation. We've exchanged FB messages with my questions and doubts.

As expected, I've made a lot of boo boos. Buttercream did not crust. I didn't know what crust means and I didn't know that the objective for mixing the butter and the shortening is to eventually have it "crust" after applying on the cake. Crust means to "harden" in layman's term. Well, mine didn't crust at all. I did something wrong obviously. Perhaps I didn't mix well enough or I didn't use enough powdered sugar or perhaps because I substituted margarine for crisco because we don't have crisco here. Crisco is an american brand of solid vegetable shortening and we just don't have it here... not even a store brand of a this solid vegetable shortening.  Later on, I found a website that sells this but it was already too late. I still bought it though, for the next cake baking :). But man, is it expensive for a shortening!

Without furthere ado, I must show some pictures of this new found craziness.

The first cake I ever baked, fresh from the oven.
Doesn't look that appetizing, eh?
But it tastes quite fine, I swear.  Perhaps just a little bit too sweet.

Here's the cake after being covered with buttercream that didn't crust (I'm really using baking terminologies!)
See the buttercream was frozen here as suggested by Jane when I whined at her telling her that I failed with the buttercream, etc. etc.  She told me to put the cake in the fridge to harden the buttercream because that is important when rolled fondant is going to be applied.  So I obeyed.  Still, I wasn't hoping that it will turn out smooth after covering with fondant because as you can see, the buttercream has cake crumbs mixed in it.  While I was applying the buttercream, it was too creamy that it was kinda heart to spread and everytime I swish swish (yes, I invented that word...) the spatula, crumbs from the cake were being lifted. argh.

But then, there's really no turning back at this time.  I have to proceed and see how it goes.  If everything turns out to be a disaster then I'll just charge it to experience ;-)

So I moved on to preparing the fondant.  This is actually the part that I was most afraid of.  Coz it requires kneading and rolling (with rolling pin like that of preparing a pizza dough - just in case someone like me reads this).  These are big words to me.  Still, with a hopeful heart, I proceeded.  I was not able to take pictures of the step by step because I was too concentrated praying while following Jane's instruction which I printed.

The melting part of it turns out quite easy as all that was needed to be done is to pop it in the microwave... but the kneading and the rolling part.. man was that really tiring.  Plus I get too anxious about how should it looks like, how it should feel in terms of hardness and pliability etc.  The rolling part was the most difficult one... I can't remember how many times I had to knead it again and again as I was really doing it the wrong way.  It would have a lot of bubbles, not uniform in thickness and the shape, well, indescribable.  Let's show a picture to prove this.

See, how can I put this on top of the cake... it took me several kneading again and rolling again until I finally was able to make it round.

See, round rolled fondant baby! Patience is a virture, I tell you.
The marshmallows I used was half pink and half white.  I don't know what's wrong with this country but it's hard to find marshmallows that is all white.  And since I was just doing this as a practice, I didn't bother to cut each marshmallows anymore.  It turned out to be very light pink.  Not a bad base color.

Then I scooped it up like how I saw in the video (link was provided by no-one else but Ms. Jane and place it on top of the cake.

It didn't look like the cake crumbs that were mixed with the buttercream is causing bumps in the fondant cover so I was kind of thrilled.

Cutting the excess fondant.
Cake with the basic fondant.

After I finished cutting off the excess, I was so thrilled with how it looks like.  It's not perfect but knowing me and I told myself this is not bad at all for a first try.  I was so thrilled and happy that my heart started to pump more blood and I got too nervous my hands were trembling.  Shallow of me, right? But hey, this is a HUGE achivement for me.  I snapped pictures at once and showed send it to my hubby.  He was darn right suprised! :-D

Poorly cut edges.  I didn't have the right utensils for this.  I just used the old knife we have at home.
Here's my amateur design.
This is nothing like any of the cakes that Ms. Jane does but I am already veeery happy with it.  I CAN do simple fondant cake! and well, the design would require some more imagination and creativity but this IS a good start I should say!

This is one of the very few times that I really did pat my back :-D


  1. super like ko sya ganda!!!

  2. WELL DONE! It looks beautiful. I can't say I have the same problems with baking but I am sure if I tried IT I would not do too well!!! I can bake a cake but have never done fondant icing, it looks I think you have done a great job for the first time! I bet it tasted good too!

  3. Waah! nakaka-inspire.
    I usually bake cakes that are store bought "ready mix" thinking that bka masayang lng if pumalpak ako. But since you proved kaya mo, I think kakayanin ko din :)

    For an amateur baker, winner kaya ang design mo :)


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