Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Love That is So Big

Hubby bought a book for me - one book that I really like but didn't want to buy it because I was already buying one book and I didn't want to buy another one and well, because I was being frugal (surprise!).

It's a children's book for ages 3 and up but I didn't care.  I still bought it for Little Spanish Pinay as she is really enjoying books and reading sessions especially when I read her with exaggerated sing-song way. Her eyes would open up with excitement as if I am telling her something so marvelous, her face agape.

I liked the book as it reflects attachment parenting and how grand a mother's love is.   I was teary eyed after I finished the book in 1 minute.   Yes, one minute.  It was just a thin book with few words and big illustrations that really touches one's heart.

The book is in Spanish but below is the translation:

Title: Un Amor Tan Grande    A Love That Is So Big

Mi mama me quiere así  de fuerte    My mom loves me this strong
Con un amor así de grande    With a love this big
Tan grande que no cabe...    So big that it doesn't fit...
En la boca de un cocodrilo    Inside the mouth of a crocodile
Ni en la maleta de un gigante    Not even in the luggage of a giant
Ni en el huevo de un avestruz     Not even in an egg of an ostrich
Ni en el sombrero de un elefante    Not even in the hat of an elephant
Ni en la barriga de una ballena    Not even in the tummy of a whale
Ni en los dibujos de una nube    Not even in the drawings of a cloud
Ni entre las sábanas del arcoiris    Not even between the bedsheets of the rainbow
Ni en un rayo de sol    Not even in the ray of sun
Ni en los besos de la luna    Not even in the kisses of the moon
Ni en toda la tierra Not even in the whole world
Es un amor tan grande que sólo cabe...     It's a love so big that it only fits....
En el corazón de mi mama     Inside my mom's heart.

Beautiful, isn't it?

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