Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some More DIYs For THE Birthday

As trying hard as I can be with this birthday celebration for our Little Spanish Pinay, I thought I'd put up a little poster to be placed in the door of the reserved room where we will have the small party.  And this is what I've come up.

It says "Celebrating my first birthday"

And then I also thought it'll be nice to have some birthday banner to set up the party mood a little bit more.  So here goes the birthday banner:

Problem is that I have no idea yet where to place them in the room. Talk about good planning, huh.  But by hook or by crook, I shall put this up coz, baby, that's a product of my sweat and blood!

I love these paper clips that looks like clips to hang the clothes. They made hanging those banners so much easier  and flexible.  And what's best is that they're pretty cheap.  Funny thing is that I've been looking for this from different bookstores here and none of them has these clips.  I've found them in the old reliable Chinese store... and what else to expect, they're pretty cheap!

Tomorrow, LSP is officially one! Tomorrow, hubby and I are officially one year old parents! Tomorrow, we are officially exclusively breastfeeding for one year! Tomorrow is Friday! And the sun will come up, Tomorrow (hopefully)! I love Tomorrow!

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