Monday, April 11, 2011

April 10, 2010 - Monumental Day For Little Spanish Pinay

Yesterday - just 12 days short for her first birthday, LSP had a monumental milestone. She has conquered her fear and decided to launched herself completely to the world of toddlerhood.  She has started walking!  At the beginning she did 2 steps on her own.  She realized what has just happened and then gave us a proud smile.  We all applauded happily cheering her to do it one more time.  She was getting too excited and launching herself too soon too fast to walk so she'd kind of lose her balance and would fall forward but we'd immediately catch her.  Soon she started getting the hang of it little by little and started doing a little more steps in one go.  From 2 little steps, she'd do 4.  Then  finally, she was able to walk alone for 17 seconds!  And I was able to capture that in a video :)

The video quality's not very good as I just used my mobile phone and it was so spontaneous that I am not really able to prepare.

My baby... she's growing up so fast. There, there I am getting emotional again. So silly me.

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