Wednesday, September 30, 2009

11 +6

I'm on my 11th week and 6 days - just one more day and I'll be saying goodbye to my first trimester. In general, I am already feeling better but there are still days that I feel really bad with nausea, gas, acidity and vomitting. Not as often as before though.

I had my second visit with the midwife last Monday and I was given a good news that my little one is developing well. We also heard the heartbeat of the baby and my little kung fu started kicking from time to time a few seconds after the midwife put the instrument to hear baby's heartbeat on my abdomen. It might have felt the cold creme that was applied on the instrument and didn't like it. I was in between tears and giggles while listening to the heartbeat and the loud thugs from the kickings.

Today, I attended a short seminar (about 2hrs) for pregnant women in the first trimester. The midwife who sat in the seminar told us a loooot of things about pregnancy. Too much information for my head and maybe and maybe too much words for my hungry tummy. I do am glad to attend the seminar though as it gave hubby and I useful information about pregnancy and what to expect. I also feel better having surrounded with other pregnant women sharing questions and experiences in this important part of my womanhood. Plus we were given another box of gifts :)

I also get to consult the midwife about the future long travel my hubby and I will be doing in a month-time. The midwife was honest about the risk of doing long travel but considering that I haven't seen my family for almost 5yrs, she said that the depression, anxiety and/or frustration about not being able to see them while I am pregnant may be even worse. So she gave us advices about what to do while traveling and what to be aware of. She also asked me to go back days before the travel for them to check if there's any problem or just to see how my pregnancy is doing. She also asked me to go back and see them right after I come back from the long Philippines. They want to make sure everything is fine. Lastly, she gave me a numbet to call for any question or doubts I may have.

So far, I am glad with the service and attention I am getting from our social security here. I hope that this continues until my delivery :)

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