Friday, September 11, 2009

9th Week

I'm on my 9th week today. Physically, nothing much has changed on my body but inside, everything seems to be on a revolution. My hormones are exploding like fireworks. That's probably the culprit why I feel so bloated and feel like a big machine for producing gases. Not to mention my mood swings! My husband can give all the details about it.

On the other hand, my baby has already grown to a size of a grape! Should be around 2.5 cm already. Now my little one looks like more of a baby (than a tadpole hehe) that after some more months, will already be in my arms. The earlobes should now be visible from the outside and has started to form from the inside. My baby will be hearing me soon. I better start talking to him in my mother tongue. I really would want him to learn our language and be proud of his cultural heritage :)

The little Spanish Pinay/Pinoy has now formed its nose at this time as well. My husband and I always argue about this. He want's it to be small like mine and of course, what would Filipinos wish for, but a bigger nose? :) But seriously, we know we'll love that nose small or big.

Just barely 12 days to go and I'll have my first eco. We are really excited about it. My only worry is that my husband won't be able to join me on that day. That's going to be really sad! But I am keeping my fingers crossed and my heart positive. We'll be seeing little Spanish Pinay/Pinoy for the first time and hearing the heartbeat... It'll be wonderful, I can already imagine.

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