Sunday, September 6, 2009

Worst Nausea

The past two days has been really difficult. I was doing good with nausea and acidity following a strict diet but something went wrong... I suffered a lot for the last two days. Vomited a lot and felt so dizzy and weak. Hubby was desperate and was trying to convince me already to take carivan. The medicine that the midwife has suggested for me to take to fight nausea and dizziness. I've been trying to be strong about it as I really don't want to take any medicine during my pregnancy (even though they have indicated that this is completely safe for the fetus, I still couldn't take any minute risk :-S ). Hubby tried to research for natural ways to fight nausea and dizziness and here are a few he found and I tried.

1. Lemon sherbet. It helps calm down nausea. I hate lemon sherbet or lemon ice cream (nor lemon cake... not that this also helps. I just want to make a statement). But it does help! At least for me, it seems to have its charm calming down my nausea.
2. Sparkling water. It also helps calm down nausea. It may have a downside of causing more gases (one of my problems too) but so far, I didn't feel like I am having too much gases due to drinking sparkling water.
3. Cotton waste bands with acupuncture button for the wrist. These are available in pharmacies. This is normally used by people who gets sea sick or has motion sickness while on a bus, car, etc. But according to experts, this may also help pregnant women with nausea. It seems like the acupuncture button that puts pressure on a certain part of the wrist also controls the part of the brain that perceives nausea. I haven't tried this one since my husband forgot to buy it when he went out for the lemon sherbet and sparkling water. He did go to the pharmacy but he only remembered the medicine. He bought it just in case all the other natural options we have will not help.

I hope that the natural ways we have tried continue to be effective and that I wouldn't have to resolve to the medicine. So help me God.

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