Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Glimpse of the Miracle

The day has finally come for us to have a visual of the little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay. It was such a marvelous experience to say the least. As this is our first time, we never knew what exactly to expect. Based from pregnancy articles I read, at 10weeks, the size of the baby should be like a walnut... so we thought we'll see something like that with the ultra sound. I remember the series Friends where Rachelle got pregnant and when they did the first ultra sound, Rachelle couldn't even decipher where the baby actually is. So, I imagined something like that.
To our utmost suprise, we actually saw little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay constantly moving around. At the beginning it wasn't moving that much but the doctor wanted to get a view of its side profile but little rascal doesn't seem to like this, so the doctor asked me to cough a few times. The baby suddenly jumped and moved around some more this time. With the arms moving around the top of the head as if dancing some 70s step and the legs constantly kicking like the movement of someone swimming.
We can't contain our emotion to finally meet our little one through a digital image. As I stare at the monitor trying to record everything I see in my memory, I noticed my little one's little toes. My little one has little toes already! My heart was simply over-filled with joy. My husband in between tears, kept on exclaiming an excited laugh everytime our little one made his movements.
The only disappointment we have is that we were not given a copy of the images. The doctor said they are not allowede to give copies of these. Had we know this beforehand, my husband could have made some photos using his mobile... but too late for that.
Then again, we are overjoyed just seeing how our little one move and seem to be enjoying the environment where is.
I was asked to go back tomorrow for a blood analysis. This will determine the risk for Down Syndrome. The thought of that is a little terrifying but I am positive about my little one... seeing how he dynamically moved around, there is no doubt, he'll be a healthy baby :)
I'd like to look for a private clinic where we can do another ultra sound and provide us copies of the result... I hope we find one and won't charge us an arm and a leg.
See you soon, little one!


  1. it's amaizing, isn't it?
    you make me remember my baby's ultra sounds.
    she had the first at 4 weeks old and we only saw a little black ball, but at 8 weeks she did a great spectacle, dancing and dancing moving everything she had, oh yes, what a moment!
    about any test they can do to your baby, I would suggest to not be worried, I believe in God, I don't know you, but I always prayed for my baby, I only wanted to have her in my arms, I didn't care if she had any problem, I asked my God for patience and wisdom to face it.
    thanks God she is reall healthy.
    I'll be praying for you, your husband and your baby. love him/her as much as you can, show him/her how strong you are to protect him/her.

    hope you understand what I wanted to say!
    I'm a mess in English hahahahaha

    kisses by monic.

  2. Monica! thanks for the very sweet comment. Of course I understood everything you said, silly! :)

    Thanks for the prayers and the encouragement, Moni. God is always good. I know He'll always be there for us :)


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