Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bitter Defeat

I am weak. After another big battle with nausea and vomiting, I gave in to taking the medicine. Last night I took one and another the following morning after breakfast. It did help. I was nausea free the whole day except around the night... it was just slight nausea though. I feel queasy but not the usual feeling accompanied by dizziness and feeling weak. In general I do feel better with the medicine. I guess I just have to have faith with my doctors that the medicine doesn't have side effect.

In addition, my hubby bought the wrist band that apparently helps with nausea. It is normally used to fight sea-sickness or nausea caused by any type of traveling and also for nausea caused by pregnancy. According to the manufacturer, this has been clinically tested to be effective... so we thought maybe it's worth trying.

I immediately tried and placed it on my wrist. It has to be worn in such a way that the button is pressing against the Nei-Kuan point.

I put them on immediately and after a while, I do feel a little bit better. Is it pyschological? I am not sure. I'll know as days pass. I've read much about this and many even doctors are saying that this has been proven effective for 70% pregnant women... so I am really hopeful about this. As of now, I drink one capsule of cariban at night and another in the morning. Once I feel better, I will stop taking the medicine in the morning and will just take one at night... and if I still feel ok, I will completely stop taking the medicine and will just keep wearing my sea band. I do hope this works as I really prefer not to take any medicine at all.

Now I look like Erap Estrada.

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