Saturday, September 12, 2009

Struggle with Clothes

As early as now, I have certain clothes that I cannot wear anymore :( particulary my jeans! I love wearing tight enough jeans so now that my hips have grown a little bit wider, it's already uncomfortable for me to wear those jeans. They press my bloated tummy too much and I don't want that for my little one. My chest have grown bigger as well (no, I am not complaining about that... in fact, I am loving that part of new me... from nothing to something har har har), so I have some button down blouses that just looks awkward on me now.

Calls for a little little shopping shopping? Yummy. Just a couple of comfortable casual dresses promise. I do have to save up for the little one's things soon! Just so I won't look like I wear a uniform for wearing the same set of clothes every time I have to go out :-D

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