Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strict Diet

I'm on strict diet. This is to avoid too much gases and acidity that I am normally experiencing everyday. Lately it has been really tremendous that I suffer all throughout the day and worst at night. It doesn't allow me to sleep well. I don't want to take medicine for this as our doctor told us the lesser (or none at all) medicine intake, the better for the baby. So, I chose to follow a strict diet instead and a couple of tricks to help me combat too much acidity and nausea. These are the things that my midwife has suggested:

Avoid fatty foods

Grill food instead of frying or better yet, just steam and/or boil them

Try to eat more salty food - this helps with nausea. Later on after the first trimester and I'm feeling better, we'll start controlling my salt intake.

Do not eat in big quantity. Eat five times a day in small quantities instead.

Do not talk while eating. Chew the food slowly. Do not drink water while eating.

Avoid citrus fruits

Avoid coffee and chocolates

More calcium intake. I have grown to be lactose intolerant so I am taking soymilk instead.

In the morning, before getting up from the bed, have something solid to eat (preferably soda cracker). Then stay on the bed on an upright position for 30mins and then slowly get up. This helps combat nausea.

Try to seep in a slightly seated position - put enough number of pillows on the back to raise upper body. This helps control acidity to go up the heart and throat and cause discomfort.

I have been trying to follow this for a couple of days now and it does help. Although I still have enough gas, it's not too much to give me pain in the chest and back. Acidity has subsided as well. There are times that I don't feel the acidity at all. Nausea has tremendously improved too. No more frequent vomitting but from time to time, I still feel a little nausea. In general this regime has been helping me a lot. I hope I don't get tired with the limited type of food I can only eat. I have never put myself on a diet so it's a little bit hard for me to control my cravings for junk food... but I'm getting by :) All for my hubby's guisante :-D

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