Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept 12

Yesterday was my birthday. I was overwhelmed by greetings from family and friends. I feel so blessed. My cute hubby surprised me with his very very artsy happy birthday banner posted one of our living room window. Very original and comes from the bottom of his heart, I must say. I couldn't stop my tears from falling from laughing too hard.. er, from being really touched by the gesture :)

When I saw it, I was surprised and my husband started to blush and very sheepishly, he said "I too can make a banner. I did all my best to make that banner! And look, the color even matches the window." (history: he said he can also make a banner because I did a big banner for her sister's birthday celebration last month).

I couldn't stop laughing from utter joy from my cute husband's work of art dedicated to no one else but me.

After that, we went to my in-laws and had lunch with them. I did get to blow my candle :) I love my little cute cake(s)

It was hard to think of a wish as I've already gotten my wish.... it was a very wonderful advance birthday gift from the Mightiest. In less than 7months time, the little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will be here with us filling our house with joy.

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  1. That was my very wish too :-) , a wish that came true and made me as happy as a man can be.


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