Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 Wonders of 7 Weeks

I'm about to memorize the tile patter in our bathroom already with my frequent bathroom trips - be it because of nausea or bladder getting easily full. But I know all these are worth it as these are all due to my little one rapidly growing in my yet little tummy.

I learned that at this week, my little one is the size of a coffee bean!.. he's not a guisante (green pea) anymore as what my silly husband calls my little one. But no, he refuses to stop calling him guisante... he's really silly deep down to the bones ha ha.

I also learned that by now, my little one's arms and legs are already forming. I can't wait for those little hands to grab my finger...

Another wonder of this week is that my baby's brain is now rapidly maturing. I'd like to know what's going on on the little head.. what's he thinking... what's amusing him...

Could he be moving now? Yes! this week, little one has already started to move around! You haven't even completed your arms and legs and you're already moving? Just how can you do that, little one?

During this week, all the important organs such as hair, eyelids, nostrils, tongue, intestines, pancreas and nipple follicles have also started to develop already. Aren't those just too many for a coffee-bean-sized little one? Amazing!

They said that by this time, the head is growing bigger and is slightly bigger than the trunk. My poor angel looking like a tadpole? :-O Don't worry my little one.. just take your time developing and forming... you'll be more than wonderful once you have completely developed and ready to meet the world.

Lastly, at this phase, my little one is about to enter the second phase of this gestacion... he'll pass from being an embryo to a fetus! Yay! :) My baby's really growing so fast... soon he'll be going to school... and would like to decide on his own.. aww, stop.

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